If I can do it, so can you!!!



  • CharliLarlie
    CharliLarlie Posts: 10 Member
    What a fantastic journey! You look MAH-valous! as Billy Crystal used to say. Congratulations! You are inspiring.
  • liveinthemix
    liveinthemix Posts: 360 Member
    Wow...awesome work!! Keep it up!
  • Wonderful!
  • Amazing!!! Thank you!
  • janatarnhem
    janatarnhem Posts: 669 Member
    You look beautiful! Amazing! Thanks for this..needed it this morning! Right off to the gym and chicken on my shopping list!
  • Therealobi1
    Therealobi1 Posts: 3,261 Member
    you look great. love your profile piccie. you have done a fab job.
  • My0WNinspiration
    My0WNinspiration Posts: 1,146 Member
  • yusineddy
    yusineddy Posts: 457 Member
    Girl... you look fabulous, excellent job!!!
  • CulturedCowgurl
    CulturedCowgurl Posts: 136 Member
    Wow you look Beautiful!!... Amazing transformation. Great JOB!
  • CulturedCowgurl
    CulturedCowgurl Posts: 136 Member
    Outstanding accomplishments ....... enjoy your happy, healthy new life !


    I love this little dancing granny!

    My new fav animation...go granny!
  • ejtj1234
    ejtj1234 Posts: 80 Member
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome! Great job! You look wonderful!!!
  • purplemurfy
    purplemurfy Posts: 95 Member
    That is awesome...YOU are awesome!! Thanks for the post and sharing your pics.

    I feel like I have soooo far to go and thinking about it gets very daunting. Like you, I can't believe I have gotten as big as I am and it seems almost impossible to get where I want to be. Your success inspires me and reminds me that it IS possible.

  • Awesome job! You are an inspiration to all of us!
  • aNewYear123
    aNewYear123 Posts: 279 Member
    Wow! Great job.
  • Cayjominara
    Cayjominara Posts: 270 Member
    Good job, Boss! You did an amazing job putting in the work needed to get these results! You are on point when you talk about how easy it is to get discouraged. So many people just don't feel the motivation or the drive to do what you've done. I hope your story can spark a flame in the spirits of others! I'm proud of you, Sis!
  • victoriousO
    victoriousO Posts: 63 Member
    You look awesome and are a big inspiration to us all. CONGRATS:))
  • amitglinkedin
    amitglinkedin Posts: 223 Member
  • scarrletti_girl
    scarrletti_girl Posts: 479 Member
    wow. you look fantastic. inspirational.
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    Very inspiring! Great job. You should submit your before and after photos to Zumba as a success story.
  • Trissyboo
    Trissyboo Posts: 69 Member
    Great work! It is nice to see someone else that started in the 300s and has lost over 100 pounds. Thanks for sharing as you keep me truly inspired!
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