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Taking up running; any other running newbies?

Hi guys!

I’m the classic story, tried every diet/exercise under the sun, with varying success but no sustainability. Now I’ve decided to try my hand at running, simply because I have always hated running, and it’s the only exercise I’ve not tried.

I started badly (walked 15 minutes of a 25 min run, stopping about 10 times) but I’ve slowly developed over the last 6 weeks to the point where I can now run the whole 25 minutes, albeit slowly. I’m really pleased with the quick stamina results running seems to show, but still have a long way to go! Averaging about 12/13 mins per mile atm, so very slow!

Anybody else out there a runner? Or had weight loss success from running?


  • CurviiRunnr2014
    CurviiRunnr2014 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi there! 12 minute mile is 5mph :) I'm new to running too. I'm a slow runner but I'm working on it. I figure the time & speed will increase with time. I love it so far!! Feel free to add me if you want :)
  • leannraya
    leannraya Posts: 95 Member
    Try Couch 2 5K! Google it.. there is also an app for it :) It helps with beginners!!
  • ArtemisRuns
    ArtemisRuns Posts: 251 Member
    5 mph is very good. I run a lot slower than that but I usually go for distance. Have fun!
  • Kaelitr0n
    Kaelitr0n Posts: 151 Member
    I wish to be a runner.

    For now, I'm consigned to walking fast on a treadmill at a steep incline, mostly because I'm terrified I'll fall off if I try to run on it, lol. I live in the great, frozen north and am impatiently biding the time until the snow and ice melts on the roadways so I can really begin training. I am signed up for a 5k race at the end of April, so I hope that's sooner rather than later.

    Just as soon as I can reliably get outside to train, I will be starting the C25K program (for the third time :embarassed:) in attempt to make even a halfway decent time for that first 5k.
  • DeeVanderbles
    DeeVanderbles Posts: 589 Member
    I'm somewhere between Beginner and Intermediate. I started running with the C25K App last April. It was a rough go at first but the program really works. I've run 2 official 5Ks and am currently training for my first 10K! I run somewhere between 4 and 4.5mph. I can run a bit faster than that but it's not sustainable for me over a distance. I can run 5-5.5mph for a mile but then it seriously decreases.

    Best of luck and have fun! Feel free to add me.
  • tdhc1313
    I'm a newbie as well. :) I ran a couple 5Ks two years ago (worked up to it with Couch to 5K) but haven't been running since. I start a Run Camp this Saturday and will work my way up to a 5K distance again within 13 weeks with a group of people that have similar abilities as me. I'm very excited to start again although I know it will be hard. I have over 100lbs to lose and I know running will help. And I am SLOW. But what is that saying? "I'm faster than everyone sitting on their couch." ;) Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • jenniferevon
    C25K is a great app! It starts you off slowly. As your muscles and joints begin to strengthen, you'll get faster. I will say, if you still hate running, find something else to do. You are unlikely to stick with something you hate. Find exercises that you love. If you hate to run but love to walk, speed walk. Play basketball. Buy a dance video. Figure out exercise you enjoy and do that. :)
  • yongxiu
    yongxiu Posts: 3 Member
    I'm a newbie too. I always hated running, but I started a C25K program in July. To my surprise, I finished it and have continued to run about 35min per day. In fact, I have not missed a day since I began (I run every 2-3 days). This is a huge surprise to me, since I am great at starting and quitting things.

    I never thought I'd like running, but I actually do now. I look forward to it, which is so weird. Anyhow, here are some things that have helped a lot.

    1. Download music or podcasts (I use npr podcasts) and listen to them while you run, so things don't get boring.

    2. Join a gym for when the weather is bad

    3. Using a program like C25K provides structure which really helps.

    I can't actually do a 5 K yet, since I am very slow. I run about 2 miles in my 35 minutes, so I'm 2/3 of the way there.
  • MrsBenTarr
    MrsBenTarr Posts: 42 Member
    I'm not QUITE a newbie, but I started running only 3 years ago. Since then, I've run about 10 5Ks, a 10K, 2 10-milers, and a half marathon. Then I took a break... and just now getting back into it. Feel free to friend me!
  • Welshgem84
    Welshgem84 Posts: 45 Member
    I have also recently started running outside, i had been running on the treadmill for a while but always intervals of fast and slow and not for very long so was terrified of going outside and having to sustain it over a distance. I downloaded an app (runkeeper) that maps my runs and compares them for distance and time, it also gives you a feature of setting what you want to achieve and therefore gives you advice on how from current performance you would get there. it has really helped me, i run slow but when burning calories and fat it is about time mainly so my mentality is if i can run 30mins without stopping at this pace or 10 mins at that pace ill go for the slower one as my stamina will build up allowing me to go faster in the future. I dont know if that helps.

    If you need motivational or moral support you can always add me as i have found the friends I have on here understand issues like this more some times and dont have the 'here she goes again' attitude to diet / fitness chat that some friends who dont understand the desire to get fit have!!

    And GOOD LUCK!!!
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    good luck with it...going slow when you first start is abolutly do not want to get injured.

    C25k is definitly a way to go since it breaks your running into intervels...but it sounds like your already at a continious run for about 2 miles. so C25k may not be relevent.

    If it were me...and this is the approach ive taken in half training. I would simply designate 3 or 4 days a week to run with one of those days a "long run"...on that day i would add about a qtr a mile a week until i hit the 5 k mark...then race to finish one. then choose a new goal and go from there. if .25 seems to agressive for you then only add it every two weeks.

    As for losing weight...youll certainly get a great burn from this but the weight loss is going to come from dieting. running will just help faciitate the deficet while also strengthen your body and health
  • AllyBooMommyof2
    Im doing couch 2 5 k :)
  • ghoti3
    ghoti3 Posts: 15 Member
    I'm taking up running again (for what feels like the millionth time!). I've done a couple of 5ks, but never really ran great or fast. I'm doing the couch to 5 to 10 program right now. My long term goal is to do a 1/2 marathon at the end of November (on my birthday). Feel free to add me - I love to give & get motivation :-)
  • Helenavee42
    Like others are saying C25K is awesome. I just did Week 2 day 1 yesterday! I take my pup along with me to keep me motivated, but sometimes it seems I'm the one motivating him! If you do C25K don't be afraid to repeat a week or day! Set it to your pace! Good luck!
  • MrsK20141004
    MrsK20141004 Posts: 489 Member
    New-ish runner here. I've done a few 5ks and ran 4 miles last night. I started out at 4.8mph and am now at 5.5-6mph which feels great. Don't worry about your speed that will come once you've built up stamina. I've worked on mine using my gym warmups. I run 1 mile before every workout so I try and improve upon that.

    Just stick with it and try Couch 2 5k, its a great program! I couldn't do 5k when I finished though, so don't worry about that too much either, you'll get there! My first 5k was 42 minutes, now I can do 4 miles (usually) in that time. It'll come, just don't give up!
  • FitCowgirl8
    FitCowgirl8 Posts: 175 Member
    I started running as well a couple of months ago. I used to run when I was younger but hadn't really for the last 5 years so I'm starting over. 5mph is pretty good! I can currently go for about 30 minutes at 5.5 - 5.8 on my treadmill. I would love to be able to run a 5k this summer so we will see how it goes. Stick with it and add me if you want! Good luck!
  • RebsOnTheRocks
    I have dabbled in running in the past, but nothing that I have ever stuck with... however, this is a new year, therefore a new me! I have been running (well, jogging) on the treadmill, BUT as soon as the weather warms up a bit - I want to hit the PAVEMENT! Would love to have some fellow newbie-runner friends! Feel free to add me... we can totally do this!
  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    It's a great way to lose weight, stay cardio healthy, and also clear your head. I started 2-1/2 years ago, have lost 70 pounds, have terrific cardio stats, and love it. I started on an elliptical and struggled to stay on the thing for even five minures. After weeks, I ran a mile and thought I was going to die. I signed up for a half marathon eight months in the future (to keep me focused) and kept at it. Last week, I finished my first full marathon and run 10K several mornings each week. It has certainly grown on me from my initial dread. Good luck to you!
  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    Don't worry about your speed ever. It means nothing. Compare yourself with no one but your older self. As long as you're working to improve (speed, distance, or frequency), you're making progress. I'm guessing you're not in this to win races, right? So just enjoy it and have at it!
  • Cathalain
    Cathalain Posts: 424 Member
    I'm just starting the C25K program this week - Wednesday will mark my Week 1, Day 2 session. The first one, I made it through - but I won't lie, it damn near killed me.

    I'm proud that I even MADE it, though! One step at a time, that's exactly how I'm looking at it, and if I'm not ready to proceed to Week 2, then I'm just going to continue Week 1 until I "get it". Right now I'm torn between feeling REALLY good (for a few minutes) and absolutely horrible.

    I've walked 5Ks before, and had no issue. But I really, REALLY want to run one - if only to prove to myself that I CAN.