Tall ladies??

Hi friends! I'm 5'11", SW: 200lbs, CW: 180lbs, GW: 150lbs
I've always had a hard time finding women who are similar to my height, so I was wondering, what is your GW? Any before/after success stories you want to share? I always find it so encouraging to find people similar to me!


  • melissamarah
    melissamarah Posts: 168 Member
    I'm 6'0". SW: 251 CW: 249 (I'm just starting) GW: 199 at first. I want to see what I look like under 200, and then I'll figure out what my official goal weight will be. Not only am I tall, but I've also got wide hips and shoulders. There's nothing petite about me.

    Send me a friend request, if you'd like!
  • samiyan05
    samiyan05 Posts: 115 Member
    I'm 6ft! Sw 250
    Cw 195(was 190 but I gained during the holidays :'v(
    Gw 175

    I keep hearing I'm too skinny already which is CRAZINESS!! But I'm working on building muscle at this point with my last 20 to lose!

    Add me if u like! :)
  • jmeyer925
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    Woohoo tall ladies!

    5'11" here, starting weight around 300. I was down to 170 last year about this time, but did it too quickly in the last push, so easily gained about 30 back in the last year.

    Good luck with your goals!
  • newjourney2015
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    I am 5'10" SW 178 CW 178 (just starting) GW 158 (for now) All tall ladies can add me too!
  • beekaki
    beekaki Posts: 12
    Hi :)

    I'm just starting too. 5' 10

    CW: 235, GW: 180

    I once weighed 170 (in High School) it was too hard to maintain (too thin, stop my periods and all)
  • Tashry
    Tashry Posts: 151 Member
    Im 5'11" - currently 187lbs, goal of 170lbs.

    At 175lbs and toned I was very happy with my body. I think anything less than 170lbs would be unhealthy on my frame.
  • Hi there! 5' 9" gal here - feel free to add me ladies!
  • Mrscanmore
    Mrscanmore Posts: 856 Member
    I'm 5'9 or so. CW 185. 2 years ago I was down to 160, and still wanted to lose a bit more. I've never been able to break 160! So, for now, my goal is to be back to 160.
  • marissafit06
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    5'11' SW 171 CW 159 GW 145

    SW is plateau after having a baby. I got down to 156 before the holidays and have a hard time getting back into a routine between the crappy weather and just being lazy.
  • Swinggrrl
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    I'm 5'11 and am aiming for 180ish, (SW 295; CW 215) but as I've always been bigger, I have NO idea what that looks like on my body! I know it's the upper level of a healthy weight for my height. I want to keep my curves, just get them a lil closer together ^_-
  • kie_kie
    kie_kie Posts: 106 Member
    5'9" here SW 265 CW 240 GW 160 I wanna be a medium frame so anywhere that is. What I really want is to be out of the plus size section even if I have to go a size up
  • I'm 5'10 cw 254 gw 165
  • MarlaVSings
    MarlaVSings Posts: 66 Member
    Hey tall ladies!!

    Height 6'0

    SW - 280

    CW - 269

    GW - 180

    I'm just guessing on 180 for a goal weight for now. i think I'll know better when I get around the 200lb mark.
  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,763 Member

    Currently 185

    Hope to one day hit 155
  • I'm 6'0", maybe a little more.

    Highest weight was 250, and started on MFP at 245. Currently about 232.
    Aiming for 160-165ish.

    Any and all of you can add me!
  • Rockstar_JILL
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    I am 5'9" with a large frame, wide feet, no hips and no boobs. Can hold my weight well. My heaviest was 259.1....my current is around 187ish....My goal is 175 or less. I started at a size 22W, and was down to a 10, but gained a bit over the fall and winter as I am a spring and summer gal. I am currently in a size 12. If you are active often, dedicated, and successful thus far, feel free to add me! I need others that are successful too keep me motivated!
  • sepiathrill06
    sepiathrill06 Posts: 3 Member
    i'm 5'9 and 145--aiming for 130. feel free to add me.
  • Sallybally55
    Sallybally55 Posts: 97 Member
    yay for tall people! I'm 6'0 and my goal weight is 175

    anyone can add me if you'd like
  • just over 6' SW 220 CW 156 just trying to add/keep muscle and get rid of the last stubborn fat
  • vaamazon
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    Hi Ladies-I am 6'0 SW 202 CW 188 GW 165. The scale isn't really so much my focus as just how my body looks and how I feel. I have had my body in peak shape about 2 years ago and am working hard to get back to that point. Very happy to see other people with similar body structure! Feel free to add me. I am on daily and am open to suggestions and what works well for you :)