Anyone else's toes go numb when working out?

I know this sounds odd, but I was hoping someone might have had it & found a way to stop it. I've been on MFP & exercising regularly for over a year now and most of the time when I start working out, my toes on both feet with go numb. I ignore it as best I can and it goes away after a while, but it seems like such a strange symptom... I've tried multiple kinds of shoes, loosening the laces, different socks, but nothing seems to help.

Anyone have any ideas???


  • patols1
    patols1 Posts: 108 Member
    I actually did have this and my doctor said that it is probably a nerve getting pinched and not to worry about it as long as it goes away. it takes a couple days of not working out for it to go away for me.
  • TrailRunner61
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    It happens to me too, but just in my left foot, and it's been going on for over 2 years, only when I run. I think as long as you're not having pain, you should be fine. If it bothers you, or doesn't go away, ask your Dr.
  • jillymurdoch
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    Yep! Happens all the time. My chiropractor does active release on it (not adjustments) and gave me some stretches. Worked like a charm.
  • dragonfly123321
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    do you think your calves are tight ?having the muscle pulling on your toes
  • AdriadneDaphne
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    YES! I used to have this pretty much every time I worked out. I usually powered through it, but it was definitely irritating/distracting. I actually hadn't realized it until I saw this thread, but I haven't experienced this in a while. I agree with the pinched nerve thing... I was pretty out of a alignment for a while but after a few visits my chiropractor finally has me in better shape. If you don't want to use a chiropractor, I would definitely recommend doing stretches more often (maybe try googling hip/back-specific stretches. that's where my problem area was that led to the numb toes issue) to try to realign your body.
  • AnnACnd
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    It happens to me on the stationary bike every time! I also recall back in the day when I used the elliptical it did as well. Never when I run though.
  • JMel86
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    It happens to me too, but just in my left foot, and it's been going on for over 2 years, only when I run. I think as long as you're not having pain, you should be fine. If it bothers you, or doesn't go away, ask your Dr.

    Me too! Same foot. Someone told me loosen my shoe laces. It helped but it still happens on my long jogs.
  • GiGiBeans
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    Happens to me on the elliptical if I keep my feet stationary. I pick up my feet and "run" on the elliptical every few mins now and that seems to help.
  • concordancia
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    Make sure your laces aren't too tight, as this is a common cause of toe numbness.
  • acpgranberg
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    This used to happen to me when I first started running. My instructor told me it was tight hamstrings. Maybe warm your legs up more. I make sure I do a good warm up and it doesn't happen anymore.
  • cristina4970
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    Happens to me on the elliptical almost every time. Can't keep my feet stationary because of this.
  • katierrt
    katierrt Posts: 113 Member
    happens to me all the time on the elliptical, not as bad as it used to be but I found if I curl my toes under a few times, it gets a lot better!!
  • eyleene
    eyleene Posts: 264 Member
    my feet will cramp up including the arch and toes when i am swimming laps , not sure why ??
  • JulieB_MN
    JulieB_MN Posts: 223 Member
    I am glad it isn't just me. I have this too! thanks for the ideas you all gave:) Hope it helps!
  • jkleon86
    jkleon86 Posts: 246 Member
    mine would go numb like on the elliptical but that is about it.
  • LisaNethery
    LisaNethery Posts: 10 Member
    This has always happened to me as well. I don't have any answers for how to make it stop... but though I would let you know you are not alone.
  • xcmtnracer
    xcmtnracer Posts: 428 Member
    Yep, today on the Versa Climber, went for an hour, feet and toes went numb about 40 minutes into it. Happens cycling occasionally also.
  • BrunetteWife
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    Yep, I had pinched nerves in both feet. I ended up getting shots and had custom orthodic's made and the problem went away.

    It started off just numb in the right toes. Then eventually it was both feet and it became a burning sensation and had some pain to it. So I was referred to a podiatrist and once he took xrays to rule out fractures and such, he knew it was a pinched nerve and we started the process of custom orthodic's. The pain/burning/numbness went away after a week of uses them for running/walking for fitness purposes.
  • imjolly
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    Yes, this has happened to me, mostly when I am cycling and it is annoying.
    And I thought I was the only one.
  • baby_valiant
    baby_valiant Posts: 87 Member
    Yep another 'sufferer' here. Only in my left foot and generally after BodyStep - but not always. I've had it twice running and probably half a dozen times after the bike - always the left foot. Its not just the otes but the outside of my foot too