Let's talk Chocolate



  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,137 Member
    Toblerone Singles...
    I'm loving Toblerone at the moment! I just fit it in and enjoy it.
  • Dreamingallday
    Chocolate frozen yogurt from pink berry. But I am a fro-yo fiend...

    Also, Green and Black organic dark chocolate in the small square singles.
  • kagevf
    kagevf Posts: 509 Member
    man..thats a hard choice.
    its like, making me choose who is my favorite child.

    um........ its um...... (Eeny, meeny, miny, moe)

    ugh ! i cant choose! I love them all !
  • misschoppo
    misschoppo Posts: 463 Member
    I love any dark chocolate and will have a few squares here & there. I also really like breakaways for under 100cal but most of the time I opt for nakd cocoa bars over chocolate bars as they are yummy, satisfy my choc craving but they are actually mostly nut and fruit and are a great snack.
  • maffff
    maffff Posts: 72 Member
    oxf*rd it, I want Kinder now.
  • ktsmom430
    ktsmom430 Posts: 1,100 Member
    Dove dark chocolate with caramel & sea salt Promises.
    38 calories per piece.
  • CynCyn523
    CynCyn523 Posts: 4 Member
    Ghiradelli Twilight Delight or Sea Salt Soiree!! One square is around 60-63 calories each, so I allow myself 1-2 squares a day. So yummy!!
  • Billybegood
    Billybegood Posts: 32 Member
    Either a piece of lindt excellence dark, currently got the mint intense, very nice! Or a lindt dark chocolate ball xx
  • Nicola0000
    Nicola0000 Posts: 535 Member
    I eat regular chocolate long as it fits into my day. Snickers, kitKat and sometimes skinny cows dream clusters

    Me too!!! Ive lost all my weight without ever giving up "normal" chocolate
  • mareeee1234
    mareeee1234 Posts: 674 Member

    Anddd agreed about Lindt dark chocolate! Satisfying, and low calories!

    I find everything else is high in calories though :frown: SO if I want it, I definitely have to make room for it!

    And with kit kat, there is no way I'm happpy with one finger.. I need all 4!!
  • ElizaB84
    ElizaB84 Posts: 105 Member
    Hershey kisses. M&ms!!
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    The Trader Joe's 100 calorie bars. Wrapped dove candy (I'm planning on stocking up on Dove eggs when comes Easter). Skinny cow 110 calories crisps/clusters. Lindor truffle.

    I haven't dared just eating squares out of a big bar yet. I'm not sure I could. But somehow this works.
  • kk_140
    kk_140 Posts: 518 Member
    I tend to just eat semi sweet chocolate chips. Like the kind you bake with. Only 70 calories in 14 grams. Which in my experience is about 28 chips. It makes me feel indulgent to be able to eat 28 tiny pieces and let each one melt in my mouth. Yum!