The final 10! For those that are close to their goal.

I actually want to lose about 15 pounds. I feel that the final pounds are the hardest to lose. Anyone else with me? When I see people losing double digits on the biggest loser, I'm amazed. It could take me months of working hard to lose 10. I'm very active. I workout 5-6 days a week. I need to really focus on my diet. I lack self control. I don't eat horribly, but I can definitely eat way better.


  • turtledove773
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    Girl I am right there with ya! We CAN DO THIS!!!
    I have 12 I want to lose, and like you my diet is definitely issue! I am hoping joining MFP and tracking my food intake will help!
    Good luck!
  • Those final few are definitely the hardest. I lost a little over 30 pounds and have been maintaining for couple years. It was so exciting the watch the first 20 drop when I made my changes to my diet and started exercising but the last 10 came off very slowly and I still struggle with a 2-3 pound weight gain now and then.
  • DiKoehler
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    using the tracker as a planner and measuring/weighing all portions surely helped. As I get close to the goal--have about 7# left to loose--it is a lot slower going. I do work out a lot and have increased my calorie intake in the last month or so toward maintenance. Even intense workouts are not lowering the weight but my clothes continue to get bigger on me and I look better and more toned. The scale numbers are not everything.
  • chandanders
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    I hear you! I have 10-15 more pounds to lose!
    Anyone on here can add me :) Would love to have more support!
  • lioness803
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    I'm working on the last 10-15 lbs too! I took a sort of break form dieting that last couple months and was really happy I didn't gain any weight back. Anyone can feel free to add me!
  • birdiecs
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    I hear ya. Inching towards goal .2lbs at a time. Uuugh it's like watching paint dry
  • AnnACnd
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    Just finished losing those 10lbs!! Talk about slow and steady. Happy to have reached it!!