Seeking Pescatarian friends!

I'm looking into going back to being a Pescatarian and looking for similiar friends who are living the same lifestyle. Meat tastes good for me and I enjoy it however I get really bloated and sick after I eat it. I'd rather stay away from grains and most dairy products yet this leaves me very limited. I'm wondering if there are others out there who have open diaries and can give me advice. I'm really looking back into getting into the swing of things. How do you get your good source of protein? For those going veggie, do you rely on nut butters? I'd love some new friends and advice. Active people only since I have a bunch of people on there that are not active anymore. <3 I could use all the help I can get. Thanks.



  • KinoM
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    Hey, I'm a pescetarian, with an open diary. I've naturally reduced bread & processed grains in my diet, and tend to get my protein from fish, whey, eggs, beans/pulses & meat substitutes (Quorn, etc.)

    Feel free to add me if you'd like, I'm active on here almost every day.
  • Another Pescatarian over here :3 feel free to add lovelies :)
  • kirkor
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    fish, fish, more fish
    greek yogurt
  • vampire_cakes
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    I ~love~ Greek yogurt! And I'm also cutting down on grains/carbs as much as possible though I admit it would be cheaper for me to be able to eat like brown rice again. Greek Yogurt would be awesome way for me to get my protein with eggs. Good to know some pescatarians still eat dairy.

    Also what exactly is Quorn? I saw a Quorn burrito and I'm curious about it :)
  • LisaWill86
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    I was vegetarian for about six years before becoming pescatarian five years ago. I have an open diary. Feel free to add! :)
  • mrbrown429
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    I have an open diary so you can add me to your list. I've been living a pescatarian lifestyle for 28 days and I luv it. I luv the greek yogurt with almonds or granolas. I make protein shakes and eat a lot of green stuff. It would be nice if we can share recipes.
  • tsubaki4
    Add me if you'd like :)
  • jayjay12345654321
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    I'm vegan, but I think pescatarian is a fantastic way to go for a balance diet that includes animal proteins. Quorn is a brand name for faux meat products. It's a UK brand, but easily found in the States and other countries.
  • vivaldirules
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    Besides fish with perhaps three meals per week, I load up on lentils, chickpeas, and sometimes beans. And I usually have granola and (greek) yogurt for breakfast. I do eat chicken and wheat but both sparingly. I enjoy nuts but often find I lack sufficient control eating them so I am presently avoiding them. My protein is always well above my MFP target and my calories usually where I want them. Good luck to you!
  • LTKeegan
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    Also a pescatarian with a partner who is lactose-intolerant so I limit dairy but still eat some. I have an open diary so feel free to peruse. Also, don't hesitate to ask if you want a recipe :)
  • Bsking78
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    Vegetarian trying to be a active friend add me I have 30 lbs to go and have been logging daily
  • cidalia1973
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    Pescatarian here too! I'm cutting out meat and most animal products for ethical reasons. I know fish are living beings too, but, to me, you can't compare a clam to a fuzzy baby goat.

    It's also one of the healthiest diets out there if done right.

    I've also cut way back on dairy and I buy local free-range chicken eggs. I do love Greek yogurt, but trying to use that sparingly.

    Fortunately, I love seafood.

    Hope you don't mind me sending ya a friend request. :smile:

    Forgot to mention: I'm also trying to reduce my grain intake due to metabolic and digestive issues and family history of diabetes.
  • catbender
    Hey all, I'm a non-dairy pescetarian. Feel free to add me!
  • jpfly
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    I've been eating pescatarian for nine years. Feel free to send me a friend request!
  • erinbuberinxo
    I'm pescetarian too! :flowerforyou: feel free to add me, I have an open diary
  • bethanytapp
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    I am pescatarian and gluten & dairy free. I eat fish (salmon or tuna) 3-4 times a week and some other seafood once a week. The rest of my protein comes from quinoa, eggs, beans and nuts.

    I try to avoid overly processed foods, so most of my meals are pretty basic.

    - breakfast is a coconut flour flatbread with nut butter and banana
    - lunch- salad with lots of veggies and chickpeas, tuna or eggs - maybe with some fruit or soup
    - dinner - salmon with baked sweet potato & veggies OR stir fry veggies with quinoa OR a bean soup of some sort

    Thankfully I don't mind repetition!
  • CalicoMonroe
    Recently devoted to being a pescatarian and looking for friends who do the same.

    My reasons are multiple. I do it for ethical reasons but also for health reasons. I have rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol. I refuse to take medications to manage either of these issues because of the side effects of taking those meds and have decided instead to treat myself organically and get the best possible outcome as well.

    Please feel free to send me a friend request.