• Dozer561
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    double scoop of ON whey protein shake and half a bagel w/ cream cheese,

    or omelettes.

    today was a 2egg omelette with cheese, bacon, and a bowl of cheerios w/2%milk.
  • irene4134
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    for me it depends, but mostly its as follows (numbers denotes different days)

    1. 30g high fibre bran with 150ml fat free milk, mid morning snack any fruit
    2. 175ml or 100g yogurt with two fruits - fruit salad , mid morning snack either 30g peanuts or avocado on 1 slice toast
    3. 50g mozarella cheese on 80g veg slightly cooked to melt the cheese, mid morning snack any fruit
    4. fried egg with cook n spray, served on a toast , topped with tomato slice, a lil avocado and partly dry fried mushroom, mustard sauce over ; mid morning snack fruit and coffe
  • lindustum
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    cereal + milk.
  • rayfu75
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    eggs, sausage, whole wheat toast, peanut butter

    granola with almond milk, greek yogurt

    protein smoothie

    Breakfast is my "dinner" as I work nights.
  • chazza55
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    i do something similar to the beaten egg on toast idea.

    2 eggs beaten with black pepper....add a slice of ham (chopped)...nuke it for approx 1min....stir....another 30seconds or so then turn out onto a slice of low cal toast. nom nom nom

    Approx 250cal all in but if there is one thing i have learnt, it's the protein that keeps me full.

    Cereal just doesn't cut it in any form i have tried.
  • It depends. Some mornings I am not hungry enough to have "breakfast" until lunch time so I just shift my whole day a bit later, and eat my meals later on in the day. For breakfast I like to either do something simple like an egg in an english muffin, or cottage cheese with cinnamon and blueberries on top. Yogurt is a nice one as well, if I am not too hungry.
  • Cathalain
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    For me, it's grab and go since I have to leave the house at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. :grumble:

    I usually have an apple, a cup of Greek yogurt and a couple of sticks of string (mozzarella) cheese. If I have time when I get to work, I may have some granola/oatmeal or one of those "bagel thin" things. Tea, or coffee, depending on my mood.

    If I could work out early in the morning, I would rather, but my gym isn't open at 4:30am. (They should be!!!)
  • kbmnurse
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    1/2 Whole wheat mini bagel with PB , cream cheese or light margarine and cherry Berry Jam. Depends on my mood. This is usually before my workout. A little bit later greek plain yogurt, blackberries with some crushed almonds on top. I eat about 6 x's daily smaller meals.
  • cebreisch
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    I usually have greek yogurt. Then I'll have a protein/fiber bar at about 10am.
  • hmaddpear
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    Work days, it's one of:
    Bacon / Black pudding and scrambled eggs
    Cooked meat and mayonnaise
    Boiled eggs and mayonnaise

    Weekends, I tend to merge breakfast and lunch into a big plate of sausages and eggs (with veg, sometimes!)

    I'm not a huge fan of cereal...
  • fasy1
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    Thank you so much for Responding. So many great ideas here. Keep them coming,.now I just need to go grocery shopping for all of these yummy treats: -) Today I'm having a cup of coffee, a kashi pumpkin spice flax granola bar, one boiled egg n a coconut almond Greek yoghurt
  • dbmata
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    What do you usually have for breakfast? I never had breakfast before, just a cup of coffee and maybe a sandwich sometimes. I want to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will keep me energized throughout the day. What do you fitness buddies enjoy having for breakfast?

    Nothing, unless I'm really hungry. Then I'll make a big pot of chai. Breakfast is something I loathe.
  • AusAshMommy
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    During the week (M-F) I eat Oatmeal made with water, a little sugar, cinnamon & raisins and of course my coffee with Sugar Free Creamer and a little sugar - easy to prep the butter, sugar, cinnamon & raisins at home and fix at work!

    On the weekends my favorite is scrambled egg whites with a little shredded cheese, a slice of whole wheat toast with a little butter on it.

    Both keep me full until lunch time!
  • kbkeats
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    Frozen fruit smoothie and cottage cheese!
  • LRoslin
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    I have the same thing every morning, or nearly. 1/2 cup 2% Greek yogurt (plain), 1/2 cup mixed berries, 30g Puffins cereal. Sometimes I drizzle it with honey, sometimes not. Keeps me full till lunch most days.

    Weekend mornings I might make pancakes, or frozen waffles. Occasionally turkey bacon.

    ETA that sometimes, when the craving for an Egg Mcmuffin hits me, I toast one half of an English muffin and put 1/2 slice of American cheese on it, and then a hard-poached egg (slash the yolk while it's cooking and it's just like McD's). Delicious.
  • qtgonewild
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    i usually have the same breakfast for like a week at a time. this week it is one hard boiled egg (80 calories) and one mild cheddar cheese stick (80) calories.

    Sometimes its a light & fit greek yogurt (80 calories) and a string cheese (50 calories)

    Sometimes its coffee only.

    These have all become my go to's because I have to be at work early. So I grab and go. And eat at work.
  • Every morning I have Alpen porridge ( fruit and nut) and skimmed milk.
    Creature of habit, besides it fills me up and I enjoy it.
    It's also good for anyone with a cholesterol problem ( I dont, just dont want one :-) )

  • train_01
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    I do a green smoothie - four cups kale or spinach, two cups unsweetened almond milk, one cup frozen fruit (I like to use berries or mango). Sometimes I throw a banana in for thickness. It's delicious, full of nutrients, and keeps me full till lunch. Plus it only takes 30 seconds to make and 2 minutes to down and I'm always in a rush in the morning.
    You can also add 3 oz of tofu to make it thick. You can't taste it and it gives you lots of protein :)
  • mschicagocubs
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    I am a breakfast fanatic. I love all kinds of breakfast foods. So I try to make sure I have a variety during the work week.

    Here are a few things I take with me to work (easy to transport & easy to eat at a desk)

    1. Oatmeal W/ Skim Milk, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon
    2. Greek Yogurt & Granola
    3. WW English Muffin & Peanut Butter
    4. Cheerios (Multi-grain or regular)
    5. Protein Bar & Banana

    Sometimes depending on what I bring, I have a late morning snack before lunch. Some kind of fruit. It helps so that I can stay full till lunch which sometimes I don't get till 1pm.

    Eat breakfast it is great :)
  • Cereal, or Egg on Toast & Streaky Bacon, sometimes with beans, Mine is more Brunch though as I eat 2 meals a day generally :D