Ideal weight for 5'7?



  • Binky_Muffin
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    I weight 156lbs at the moment. My goal is to get a 27" waist. I'm currently at around 29.5". I'm guessing I have 10-15lbs to loose to get to 27". I would say I have a medium/large frame. I think 140lbs is probably the lowest I can go.

    I'm happy with my muscle tone at the moment, so my goal is to maintain that and to lose fat so I can show off my muscles. :)
  • redorange7
    I'm 5'7" 132lbs -I want to get down to 125lbs -any suggestions?
  • kbkeats
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    I'm currently 171, aiming for 150. I haven't been 150 in years so I'm ultimately going to see how I feel when I get to my goal, then set a new one :bigsmile:
  • YorriaRaine
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    I'm 5' 7" and I'm currently aiming for 159 which is the very tippy top of what is considered a healthy bmi for me.

    I think after that I won't really worry about the weight itself as much as starting to give a much deeper focus to strength training from that point. I don't know if I want to be super muscular as a women, but I know I want to be toned and I would actually love some abs.

    I'm sure I'm over a year from getting to that point though.
  • eadebeaux
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    Ditto on what YorriaRaine just said! I feel the exact same way, and couldn't have said it any better! I am 5'7", have 6.75 inch wrists, and I too am aiming for 159. I am 43 years old, but when I was in my mid-20's, I got down to 145, wearing a size 7 in jeans/pants, and my family and friends kept asking me if I was sick, if I was eating, etc., one friend even asked me if I was trying to become a skeleton! That's about as bad as remarks made to me for being overweight! LOL! I definitely feel that your frame size should be considered in a "target" weight!
  • Cakewalk25
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    I'm 140 now, but have been between 125-130 for ten years before that. My goal weight is 120 but I'd be happy at 125. Last time I went down to 120 was for my bar call four years ago, my friend gave me some powder she got online for weight loss and it made me drop 5 pounds instantly. (Unfortunately my friend no longer remembers where she bought it, but whatever it was I'm sure it wasn't healthy!)

    I gain all my weight in my stomach like an apple so I really don't like the pregnant look I have going on now. Also, I bought most of my current wardrobe at 125-130, and that included a lot of pencil skirts and skinny jeans that no longer fit so I'd like to return to those numbers so I can wear them again!

    I think I looked my best at 120 and I loved how easy it was to buy clothes when you didn't have a tummy. I was 110 throughout high school and looked too thin, everyone called me a walking skeleton.
  • licorice_tea
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    I'm 27 years old, 5'7", 170 at my highest weight, 130 at my lowest, and ~144 this morning. My goal is 120 -- I think I'm a small framed person because my wrist/ankles/waist are tiny, but I do have really wide set hips that just will not let go of the weight! At 160-170 I'm a C, at 140-160 I'm a B, and when I got down to 130 I was an A for the first time in my life but my hip measurement was still 40 inches! I'm hoping that if I hit 120, there will be nowhere else that I have weight left to lose except my hips, and then finally I can fit into a pair of jeans. Any pair of jeans! My waist/hip disparity (26" waist and 40" hips at 130 lbs) makes it impossible, even with tailoring. It's like I'd have to buy a custom-made pair.

    Edit: Also, I'm eating 1200 a day minimum + eating back exercise.

    Double Edit: Just so you all know, 118 is the lowest healthy weight by BMI before we five-seveners go into the underweight category. I saw some 110's floating around and I hope you all are very small framed ladies.
  • toronto_j
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    I'm around 195 now (down 10 pounds since I started) and I'm aiming for 170 for now. I don't think 140-145 is sustainable for me.
  • dxc92
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    im 5'6 maybe 5'7, not 100% sure! But my goal weight is 140lb :-)
  • blwilson79
    Im 5'7 and Ive been stuck at 154...My UGW is 135-40. Ive been working out 5 days a week but I dont think Im eating enough. MFP says 1200 but according to my BMR it says I should be eating 2000. So im confused.
  • Momto4minions
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    5'7", 37 years old, four kids. I am 185 right now. My lowest post kid weight was 150ish and dh was worried for me. I have a very large frame and big boobs (DD). I have a 7 1/4 inch wrist. I cannot wear ankle bracelets, as my ankles are large and I was a gymnast for years and very muscle dense. My lean body mass is in the 140s...that being said, I would actually love to be 150, but know that isnt realistic. At 185 i am a comfortable size 10.
    I want to be a 6/8 again.
    With all of this taken into accoutn,I think I am aiming for 165 as a Ultimate goal, but I think 165-170 will have me there.
    When .i was in the low 150s, i was not healthy. I did not get there in a healthy way either. Everyone said I looked great, but I developed some health issues associated with low blood sugar, thyroid, hair loss, etc.

    The bmi and such throws me off a lot due to muscle my plan is to be healthy and this means for me, to have a body fat compostiion done at about 175 and see where I stand.

    Last year I was over 200 and right now I just want to feel good in my skin again.

    Oh for reference, my current measurements are 41-30-41
  • sarahc142
    I used to be severely underweight when I was a ballet dancer, but now I've gained too much and I'm around 130. I have extremely small bones so this makes me look pudgy even though it says I'm in the normal range. Looking to be about 110 eventually which I think for me is what I was when I was at my healthiest, working out regularly but eating well too.
  • FlowersInTheDirt
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    Im 21, 5"7 and 142lbs.

    I've got 12lbs to go until I hit my goal weight.
    I've had 2 children and was around 182lbs at my heaviest.

    I eat 1500-1600 cals a day which is just right for me but everyone is different!
  • emboslice94
    I'm 5'8 and 145 right now. But I have a pretty petite frame as I am discovering, so for me, probably 130. But we will see.
  • amberlynn0925
    Hi there! I'm 5'7" and my goal weight is 130, what I weighed when I graduated high school. I am currently 151 so I have about 21 lbs to go. I have my counter set for me to lose .5 lbs a week, although I usually lose more and I actually consume about 1400-1500 calories after exercise.
  • methridg
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    To be honest, it really depends on your body and what looks good to you. I am about 5'6 1/2 (use to be 5'7 but I guess you really do shrink with age!) and I think I look great in the low to mid 150's. At that weight I wear a size 8-10. I am super curvy (large up top and in the hips) with a very hourglass shape so anything smaller than that looks a little weird. In fact, I was a size 6 in high school at about 140 and everyone thought I looked anorexic. They even had a counselor talk to me! I definitely was because that is nothing to fool with.. I was just super active.

    My point here is that you need to get to a weight that you feel happy and comfortable with.
  • valynn0312
    For me, I'm aiming for 135-140. I was fairly happy at 145 and looked pretty good (Pant size 8/10.. I've always had big hips/thighs). I would even be good with a toned 145!
    I'm currently 195.. so I've got a ways to go!
  • kuolo
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    For me - size UK 12 (US 8) on my bottom half (I am very bottom-heavy so I am 2 sizes bigger on my lower half than my top) which should be about 10 and a half stone (147lb).
  • wolfsbayne
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    5'7" and 196 in the pic (currently 191). My goal weight is around 165-170, but I think I'm just gonna go by how I feel about the way my body looks, not a weight. I am on 2000 calories a day and I lift heavy.
  • ponycyndi
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    I've been maintaining around 155 since October 2013, which is the smallest I've ever been. My size 8's are loose, but I'd have to lose maybe another10 more to be a size 6. I'm just not ready for that right now, I'm still not used to being smaller than a size 12. But I am very muscular (always have been, even when not working out) and this size looks great on me.