My 1 year "Fit-Versary" (too many pics lol) 217.8 to 125.9



  • Shahelene
    Shahelene Posts: 133 Member
    I love this just when this whole monkey business of how many calories I should eat is getting to me this tells me not to give up
  • MileHighTexan
    MileHighTexan Posts: 29 Member
    I'm inspired!
  • Als2985
    Als2985 Posts: 7 Member
    Wow!! Wonderful job---you look so amazing--- ;-D

    I am also doing 30 DS--I have followed the eating plan fairly well
    and work out at least 4 out of a 5 day week--I am also a Stay at home Mom
    and in grad school, so I don't always have time to work out like the time recommends--

    But, could you show me a before/after picture of the 1st 30DS and then after you completed 2nd round of it?
    O, and since you teach Zumba--could you recommend any fitness DVD's I can do in 30 min./ less while my son naps?

    Thanks so much 4 the help & I am really encouraged by you and your such an inspiration!

  • cateyedkp
    cateyedkp Posts: 71 Member
    You look flipping fantastic! Thank you for sharing your story :) You should be incredibly proud!
  • Lucy_6678
    Lucy_6678 Posts: 63 Member
    This is EXACTLY what I need to see today! I have been feeling pretty ****ty about myself and all the self-sabotaging I have been doing. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for posting there. And you look FANTASTIC!
  • lyzmorrison
    lyzmorrison Posts: 172 Member
    you go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 902sexxi
    902sexxi Posts: 32 Member
    You did THAT!! Get it girl!
  • mamma_nee
    mamma_nee Posts: 809 Member
    Absolutely AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pzseeker
    pzseeker Posts: 19 Member
    Best wishes to you and congratulations! thanks for sharing too.
  • ShrinkinMel
    ShrinkinMel Posts: 982 Member
    Wow awesome transformation. WTG!!
  • TheRightWeigh
    TheRightWeigh Posts: 249 Member
  • jlshea
    jlshea Posts: 494 Member
    Amazing! I am starting out at the same place you pretty much started. Your "new you" pics you radiate so much more confidence.
  • galprincess
    galprincess Posts: 682 Member
    WOW Lady well done you !!!! hugest congrats on your year anniversary
  • rosebud233
    rosebud233 Posts: 25 Member
    I like the caption on your one year pictures,.."A year from now, you will wish you had started today". No time like the present to start to make a difference. Thanks for sharing.
  • karaharrison2012
    karaharrison2012 Posts: 32 Member
    Wow...Terrific You look fabulous
  • Way to go!!! It's nice you have been able to re-tone your skin to promote the change! I just have dun-lap over the belt buckle!!!\
    Stay with the program!!!
  • MMulder68
    MMulder68 Posts: 139 Member
    That is so wonderful. You were beautiful at your high weight but WOW at your goal weight. Way to GO!
  • nevadjinn
    nevadjinn Posts: 75 Member
    You look like Gloria from Modern Family!
  • Your transformation is incredible and sooo inspiring!! Thank you for sharing it! I'm bookmarking this for days when I need the motivation!
  • 2013sk
    2013sk Posts: 1,318 Member
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