My "HALF WAY" Story: 110lbs down in 7 months (With Pics)



  • PrettynWitty12
    PrettynWitty12 Posts: 30 Member
    Oh my God, trade baby boys for boy/girl twins and our stories are pretty much the same!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go you're such an awesoem inspiration to myself and others. Keep it up girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • Good job on getting the job done! You are a great inspiration to me and others!!!!
  • iamspdd
    iamspdd Posts: 134 Member
    You are amazing! and Yes, YOU ARE DOING IT! Congrats and keep up the fantastic work!
  • What an inspiration you are! Congratulations and keep it up!
  • firesweetheart
    firesweetheart Posts: 92 Member
    :flowerforyou: Awesome job OP, you're doing great! Inspirational and keep it up!
  • shrinkingfeefee
    shrinkingfeefee Posts: 39 Member
    Congrats hunni thx for inspiring me
  • runforestrun35
    runforestrun35 Posts: 480 Member
    Great job!!! What an inspiration you can be to others....keep up the amazing work!
  • J3nnyBeanz
    J3nnyBeanz Posts: 110 Member
    Awesome job! Thank you for sharing!!!
  • sunriseinchaos
    sunriseinchaos Posts: 12 Member
    So inspirational! You are rocking it!
  • awesome! another inspirational story to keep people going.

    thanks for sharing. Keep it up :)
  • wonderful curious as to how many calories you usually eat per day.... Just for an idea.
  • MissySpring
    MissySpring Posts: 442 Member
    Way to go! You're doing a wonderful thing for yourself and your boys.
  • patsypooter
    patsypooter Posts: 175 Member
    Wow that is phenomenal!! You should be so proud of yourself. :) That's a huge loss for 7 months!!!
  • Pirate_chick
    Pirate_chick Posts: 1,216 Member
    wonderful!!! Congratulations on your halfway mark!!! AND in only 7 months!!!! WOW!!!
  • tracy_getsfit
    tracy_getsfit Posts: 106 Member
    I am very careful to never eat less than 1300 calories and on days that I workout more I eat around 1500 calories and around 150 grams of protein a day.

    My weight loss was slowed down when I dislocated my pelvic bone at the gym...but I kept walking slowly in the water to build strength and it really helped me a lot.

    Thank you all for your well wishes. I love this new life. I am still on a long journey...but man I feel like I could run a sprint now!
  • Congratulations on your milestone! Such great work!!
  • qtgonewild
    qtgonewild Posts: 1,930 Member
  • 123stefania
    123stefania Posts: 167 Member
    Wow! congratulations!:smile:
  • jennz81
    jennz81 Posts: 194 Member
    Keep up the hard work, OP. You're looking fantastic! :)
  • amansidhugill
    amansidhugill Posts: 2 Member
    You inspire me, Thanks for sharing.
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