When did people start noticing your weight loss?



  • I have a co-worker that lost about 10 & everyone keeps telling her how great she looks. I've lost 21 & no one has said a word. Totally frustrating! The larger you are the harder it is to notice weight loss. I've gone from a size 20 to almost a 16 (18 is very loose but not quite comfortable in the 16) but no one can tell...
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    My parents noticed I was losing at around 10 pounds, told me to stop at 20, and said I was probably anorexic at 30. =P

    Everyone else, probably around 20 or 25, especially since all my clothes started almost falling off.
  • I loss around 20 pounds before receiving any comments, however I saw no difference even though my old clothes were baggy and falling off of me.
  • shasingalls
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    Not noticeable yet, down 15 pounds. Hoping in another 15 it will be noticeable though. Honestly, I am just seeing small changes in how my clothes fit so I don't expect others to see it.
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    I have lost almost 60 and I dont get much notice...maybe because I still have 100 to go.It is very discouraging! I hope you have better luck!

    Well done on losing 60 lbs, thats like over 4 Stones, amazing. Your ticker says 23 lbs lost? I was once told people start noticing at 3 stones lost.

    Whether 23 or 60lbs lost, you've done well. Who are you doing this for? Yourself, dont be disheartened about the lack of praise, you have us! As someone sensibly mentioned with the compliments often comes "expert" advice on how too much weight is lost etc.

    I have the same amount as you to lose, 168 lbs. I'm 1lb down. I remember when I got down to 225 lbs (on Cambridge Diet) and was told by my family not to lose anymore as it'd be too much. At 225, I was still 56lbs away from the upper end of my ideal BMI!
    Remember you are the only one that counts on this journey. *hugs*
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    I had lost about 30 lbs when a few people noticed, but at 50 lbs people in general asked if I was loosing,,,,,it upset me most when a few asked if I had stomach surgery. I believe the more overweight you are the longer it will take. If you were 140 lbs and lost 15 people will notice but if you are 270 lbs and you loose 20 or 30 lbs it just does not show to yourself or others.

    Please make sure to take your measurements from the beginning, there will be times the scale does not more and you will feel defeated but if you are loosing inches it will make you smile.

    Good luck
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    Agreed with what everyone has said - I think one way to put it is people start noticing when you've lost maybe 30-50% of your goal weight to lose. So if you have 20 lbs to lose, people will probably notice after 10, if you have 100 lbs to lose, people might not start noticing until 30-50 lbs. Depends too how comfortable they are talking about your weight/where you lost it/whether they know you've made lifestyle changes. If they don't know about your lifestyle change but they noticed a loss they may not want to say anything in case you're sick but haven't told anyone. The people who have mentioned it to me are the ones who are very comfortable with me (my mom, my aunt, a close friend) who know I've been making changes in an effort to lose weight.
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    My family noticed when I was around 7lbs down, close friends noticed around 14lbs down, some people didn't notice until I was around 50lbs down! Depends on how often they see you and how observant the person is I suppose.
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    I had lost almost 2 lbs but my family and few of my friends already noticed my body size difference. I didn't expect they would notice with only 2 lbs. people said it because i lift weights, quickens the fatloss while adding more muscle mass.
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    So far only my friend at work has noticed and said my face slimmed down. My pants are only a little bit looser so it's not really noticeable yet.

    Honestly though, I am NOT looking forward to the questions. I have lost in the past and never liked to discuss # of pounds. I don't mind talking about exercise regimens or diet and nutrition, but that's never asked. It's always about the # on the scale, or what fad diet you're on. :indifferent:

    Plus I have a coworker who is also losing weight and it's becoming very noticeable on her. Just a few days ago I heard my coworkers asking her the standard "are you losing weight??" "HOW MUCH??!" questions. She didn't seem to mind answering, but I felt the way they asked was nosey and rude. There is nothing wrong with giving a compliment, I just don't like the probing questions like that.
  • broox80
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    I would say around 40 pounds for me!!
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    I started at 156.6 and no one began to notice my weight loss till I got to my initial goal weight of the 130's. Then everyone noticed when I went into the 120's.
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    I went from 307 to 262 very very very slowly and NO ONE commented. I'm dead serious. Not one individual.

    I was only at 307 for about 1 year and before that I was in between 260-270 for years & years. So it is possible that people either saw me every day and it was such a sloooooow loss (4+ years) that it was not noticeable, and people who didn't see me often were just used to seeing me big and didn't notice a difference from 260-270 to 300 so eh whatever.

    When I started MFP at 262 lb I got comments after about the first 15-20 lb though.

    I have noticed as my weight continues to go down, comments and compliments come in floods. I'll get a ton and then none for a couple of months and then people comment again...sometimes different people, but other times the same person who commented before saying things like "You've lost more, haven't you?"
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    People close to me started noticing after about 25 lbs. For the most part it has been my improvement in fitness that people seem to be noticing more.
  • dunnodunno
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    I think after I lost around 50-60 pounds.