20's and 30's somethings with over 100lbs to loose.



  • I am 24 (25 in April) and I go to school full time and have a 6 month old, so for me staying on track is quite difficult. My ultimate goal would be to lose around 120lbs, which would still put me in over my "healthy" BMI, but that is quite fine by me.
    I would also love to have friends on here that I can be accountable to and we can help eachother out, because we all know this is going to be a long, hard journey!
  • I'm 28 and want to lose 130 lbs total. My goal is to be thin for my thirtieth birthday! I've lost 30 lbs in the past 3 months on here. Always looking for active friends that keep positive and that lose weight in a healthy way, so feel free to add me!
  • jamesalytle
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    34, 38 pounds down and 138 more to go. Would love to add some friends to root for on here, feel free to add me.
  • ZenSakura
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    Hey! I'm 35 and have roughly 170 lbs to lose. Anyone can feel free to add me! =)
  • ill be your friend! new friends are good
  • scronen
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    Hey there! Im 32 with 100 lbs to lose. My goal is 150 and then I'll see from there if I need to lose more. I'm also down 8 lbs so far. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • supergirl6
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    Hi and welcome :-)

    I'm 34. I started around 338 and I'm at 250 now. I still have about 100 lbs left to lose.
  • mandifriesen
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    Hi Everyone

    I'm 27 and not loving the way my body is! I am also looking for some friends on her.
    When i started this weight loss i was sitting at 250. I got to a point where i didn't like what i seen and how i felt so i knew it was time. My plan is to get down to a health 160 - 150. I have already lost 9lbs!

    please feel free to add me, I'm Just looking for some ppl to cheer me on and have some one to talk to. I'm a good supporter too!
  • I'm 32 (almost 33) and have about 100 more pounds to lose. Anyone can feel free to add me! :) I love giving and receiving support.
  • smithsara7272
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    Hey there I am 29 with 2 kiddos. I am always looking for friends during my journey. Every health web site I have used has said my "Ideal" weight is 115-120. Their idea and my Idea of Ideal weight is on two different levels. I however do feel like I would like to lose some where around 90lbs. I have sent you a friend request and look forward to cheering each other on. Anyone else that needs more friends feel free to request me.
  • scrittenden
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    Im 26, a mother to the most gorgeous little girl and i am starting (again) on my journey to loose 100lbs. I always welcome new friends!
  • hi im a 25 year old single mum to a 15month old boy new here wanting to loose about 70-90lbs
  • kdsp2911
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    Hello! I'm 25 with an almost 2 year old. I have well over 100 to lose. Anyone, feel free to add me :flowerforyou:
  • Silverberry1331
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    Hi everyone,

    I am about 260, and I have to lose 100 pounds. I am 36. I would love to add folks and encourage one another.
  • 26 over here with about 87 more to go goal is to loose 100lbs and see how i like my image in the mirrow not going by a specific number at all
  • witmer1
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    I'm a 33 year old single father of a 10 year old son. I started my weight loss in September of 2012. I'm approximately 95 lbs down and have another 80 or so to go.
  • Hey Im 27 also with 3 kiddos and still breastfeeding my 7 month old. I started at 356, down to 259. Add me!!
  • Drewsh78
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    I'm 35. Started eating healthy and exercising regularly April 1st 2013. Started at 260. Would love to get down to 160, someday, slow and steady :) I started doing Insanity back in April, and have been mixing it up since then with Insanity, T25 and time at the gym. Also drink Shakeology. Would love some more connections on here.

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  • melissaschleier
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    I'm 31 and have over 100lbs to loose as well. I have an 8 month old that is now the light of my life and I want to be around for her. I'm trying so hard to get on track and loose the weight. Feel free to add me!
  • 26 over here with about 87 more to go goal is to loose 100lbs and see how i like my image in the mirrow not going by a specific number at all