Why do some girls/women...



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    Two immediate thoughts:

    1) how do you know they've shaved them off? Perhaps they've got really minimal amounts of hair there...

    2) if it's quite apparent they've been "shaved" is it possible they've done so because their eyebrows are blonde and pencil looks ridiculous on skin underneath blonde eyebrows? (I know this from personal experience, being a redhead with blonde eyebrows and eyelashes)

    Third thought while typing: maybe they like looking that way?

    1) I've seen preeeety damn close up :)

    2) idk, possibly. but ew.

    3rd) ew. Question is why

    Why? Because they do it for themselves. I'm not a fan of it either, but it's not my face. It's not for me, or for you, that women put on make up, or do anything. It's for them. Sometimes, a girl just wants to feel pretty. If that's how she does it, so be it. It's not for you, so don't concern yourself with it too much, if at all. ;)
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    It is, however, adorable when you draw them on a dog.


    i know what i'm doing to my pup tonight! :laugh:
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    Easier to read....

    Not impressed

    Still a little drunk

    Fishing to be impregnated
  • I have lightish eyebrows but there is no way in hell I could ever do that to myself. Just my personal choice and the chicks (or guys) who do it must think they look good so kudos. Plus, if I were to draw them on myself would be some scary ****. I am not artistic at all and I mean how do you get them to look similar? When they don't look similar how do you go out in public? It would take me all day, no joke. Takes some damn talent I tell ya.
  • On rare occasions, it can actually look really nice :D

    (I don't know why but I can't get it to paste) :P
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    I see it quite a lot where I live and it appears in some ways to be a cultural or sub-culture thing. Then there are the cases of people that just really love makeup and any excuse to try out new looks! I rarely think it works but that is just my perspective. When you see a group of 5 or so teenager girls together and they all have the same vein of hairstyles, complete with drawn on eyebrows, it takes on more of an artistic bent. To me at least...it fascinates me because I have very thin eyebrows but no chutzpah to draw them on.
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    I don't know... Some women has medical issues thay cause them to loose their hair even on the brow. Smart ones get them tatted on, if done right it looks good.
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    Idk, those are a couple I can think of.
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    I personally have very light eyebrows- in that I don't have a lot of hair, but I would never think to draw them on.

    I have seen them drawn on where they look decent, and I have seen some scary ones. To each there own, I am just not a huge fan.
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    Um, can also sometimes have to do with gang affiliation... not even remotely about trying to feel pretty.
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    Most of the time, it's cultural.
  • DjinnMarie
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    Um, can also sometimes have to do with gang affiliation... not even remotely about trying to feel pretty.

    They draw their eyebrows on according to gang affiliation? Which gang has which shape? Lol!
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    the same reason women do anything when it comes to our appearance : because we/they want to & find it attractive
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    It changes so frequently you would pretty much have to be a member to keep up. Just one of those fun and interesting facts you learn while teaching in LAUSD. Something you learn to keep an "eye" out for so to speak.
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    It is, however, adorable when you draw them on a dog.


    I love this!
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    I do it because I like the way it looks =).

    I match my hair color though and I follow my brow line. I've been doing it for the last 11 years lol.
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    While doing calf raises and wearing a belt?
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    Rocky Horror for the win!!! :love:
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    In some cases maybe they made a bit of a mistake when waxing them and now have to try and rectify it haha!
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    It is, however, adorable when you draw them on a dog.

    OMG, I just fell in love. HARD.

    :laugh: The look on his face...priceless!!

    I love drawing on my male Boston...my husband doesn't like it though.

    Drawing on the dog, that is. He doesn't really like it when I draw on him either though.