Starting again sensibly in the Uk

Hi all,

I have been away for a fair few months as I lost motivation in tracking. While I can be healthy without tracking it usually results in me going over the top with food!

Am looking for friends with open diaries in the UK who are eating a sensible amount of net calories ( I.e not below 1000) to help with the lifestyle change.

Please add me!!


  • Hi i'm claire, from huddersfield, in Yorkshire. You can add me if you want my diary is open. I am aiming to eat 2000 calories at present. My MFP calorie goal is 2100. I'm netting at around 1800 - 2000 with 200 300+ exercise 4x a week. Just starting out thou so i'm a MFP virgin lol and just trying the eat more calorie to fuel your body route and it feels wrong lol .
  • slummymummy2014
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    Hi, I'm from the uk and new to MFP. My calorie goal is 1600 and just about able to stick with it. You're more than welcome to add me,
  • sophiesummerdiet
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    Requests sent thanks both!
  • concordancia
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    I have been on the low side this week (net right around 1000), because this weekend is hubby's birthday so I will be having fondue and cheesecake, but I do try to be reasonable.
  • add me!
  • Hiya, Iv sent some request out but anyone whos not had one can add me as Im trying to keep going and hitting a healthy target everyday and make better choices. Iv been bad with over eating recently so need to sort it out x
  • zaan83
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    I'm in London and have an open Diary (helps me to stay on track :laugh: )

    Feel free to add me