Foam roller

Just wondering what routine people have with a roller, how often you use it and if you notice a difference.


  • rejectuf
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    Foam rollers are pretty amazing. I normally go along my back and legs. A lacrosse ball functions in a similar way, but can get in to specific areas a little easier.

    I use it after every workout, and sometimes on rest days as well. I consider it pretty vital.
  • PrairieRunner2015
    PrairieRunner2015 Posts: 126 Member
    I just started using a foam roller, myself, so I can't attest to the benefits yet. I have been using it after every workout for the last week. I don't have one at home, or else I'd use it on off days as well. It does feel good once I am done, but can be a little uncomfortable in spots. It is getting more comfortable the more I have done it though.

    This is pretty much what I do.
  • ME0172
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    I have a pulled hamstring that I just don't think will ever heal so I use the roller after every run and after leg day. If I forget I can feel the difference in that bad hammie. I roll my quads, glutes and hammies.
  • scottburger104
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    best thing i ever did for my knees was foam roll my IT band
  • Warchortle
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    Try to use it on every non-gym day + sometimes before squats
  • vivaldirules
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    It can be very useful to relieve or perhaps prevent overly tight muscles. I had an inflamed soleus (lower calf) muscle that I was afraid would keep me from running my first marathon last month just nine days after the muscle flared up but lots of ice packs, aspirin, rest, massages, and the foam roller relieved it completely in a few days.
  • MB_Positif
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    My foam roller and I bond on a regular basis, especially after leg day. I only use mine to roll out sore muscles.
  • amybg1
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    I'm prone to being especially tight in the calves so I'll use it or a TigerTail if I'm on the go and have to spend a while someplace or just want my own piece of equipment in my workout bag...I'll roll my entire lower along with my back on a regular basis. A few imes a week if not daily on those highly-competitive weeks I occasionally have.

    The tighter you are the more uncomfortable it is but man does it feel good after a solid session!
  • craigheon
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    I use a foam roller everyday. I roll out my back (love it when it pops and relieves that pressure), and my legs. If it hurts (the legs anyways, not so much the back) then you are doing it right. It is going to help with muscle soreness and lactic acid buildup.

    When I'm really sore (especially legs), I'll actually take a 45lb barbell and roll it on top of my legs. Apply downward pressure (as much as you can stand it) and really work the pain out!
  • Warchortle
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    You foam roll your spine? just be careful because that's not its intended use.
  • 212019156
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    At minimum I do it for 20 to 30 minutes before my workouts. It makes a huge difference. I'm in my 40's so I'm tighter than I was when I was in my 20's.
  • amycuz14
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    I had to go to physio for my knees and hips, my IT bands get so tight it pulls everything off. My knees ache, my hips hurt, and all the way into my lower back is so painful. They recommended using a roller after every workout. Now, if I remember to use a foam roller after a workout or a run, hurts like crazy, but makes a HUGE difference. Way cheaper than physio, that's for sure. Totally recommend it.
  • jimmmer
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    You foam roll your spine? just be careful because that's not its intended use.

    Guess Reinold didn't get the memo:

    see the video at the bottom of the article...