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How Often Do You Weigh In?

I've been going back on forth on this and would love to see what you think/do. I sometimes feel like a daily weigh in can be good because it can be motivating and make sure you stay on track. On the other hand, it can also make me CRAZY.

I've been thinking of switching to a weekly, or maybe twice-weekly weigh in schedule. What do you do and how do you decide?


  • ejdp254
    ejdp254 Posts: 342 Member
    For me i weigh myself on sundays, one every two weeks and i measure on the other sundays. So every month i weigh twice and measure twice. Works for me !
  • livehealthier1
    livehealthier1 Posts: 56 Member
    When I first started on MFP in Nov 2012 I didn't weigh in much maybe once a month...because then I was sure to have dropped weight. But since I am now closer to goal I weigh in everyday because it not only keeps me motivated, but I understand how and why my weight fluctuates. just for instance I went out to dinner one day and was not over calorie for the day but it was weigh more sodium than I would normally consume just in that one meal my weight went up 6 lbs no joke and it took 3 days to fall off...and I also see a weight loss during the time of the month when I use to gain over 5 lbs (not complaining about that) so for me because I have 20-25 lbs left to lose I weigh in everyday first thing in the morning after using the restroom no clothes on. Don't get discourage if you don't see a loss in weight on the scale take measurements...and also take pics and try on clothes. Pictures don't lie neither how clothes fit you.
  • 10manda86
    10manda86 Posts: 229 Member
    everyday and record on a spread sheet with cals in and cals out via fitbit... can monitor my self and know that if i have been consistent with my deficit weight will go down.
    it has also shown me fluctuations and i have been able to establish a pattern with my eating (binges have patterns) and now im learning to better prepare for them (today was epic fail)... works for me, i measure weekly and check in on MFP weekly on a Monday
  • livehealthier1
    livehealthier1 Posts: 56 Member
  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    If it drives you crazy then don't do it. But that's the only reason I see that makes sense against weighing daily. Weighing is a noisy measurement and you reduce the noise by making more measurements and looking at the averages. For example, I weigh every day and plot it in Excel along with a running 5-day average of those weights to reduce the day-to-day noise and I can see the trend a bit more easily. But I don't freak out (well, usually) when it goes up or down a pound or two on any given day. My process is my goal and my goal is my process (eating and exercising healthy and on target every single day). Weighing is just a tool for monitoring the progress from that process and nothing more for me.
  • mcbrescia
    mcbrescia Posts: 2 Member
    I have done both. Right now I am weighing in and logging in everyday almost as a science experiment. I am curious to see how much my weight fluctuates. This can get discouraging if you had an OK day but your weight is up. This daily up and down used to drive me crazy. So in the past I did the once a week or once every 2 week weigh in. But then I had to be absolutely diligent about tracking.

    So far I see how harmful weekend eating is. I have learned if I lose a lot of weight one week the next week it slows down. It is definitely a zig zag.
  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    Everyday. I actually WANT to see my fluctuations. I want to see the hows and whys from the fluctuations.
  • kit_liu
    kit_liu Posts: 22 Member
    I'm OTT and wiegh in everyday. But then, I expect fluctuations, mostly due to water. I suppose the daily weigh in motivates me in some ways as a loss means my diet plan actually works. Funny thing is, my greatest loss during the week is after I've had a lay in on saturdays/sundays - well you know how long my pee is then!
  • tulip_in_a_cup
    tulip_in_a_cup Posts: 117 Member
    I weigh myself most days, but i only record my weight once every seven days
  • Josh_lol
    Josh_lol Posts: 317 Member
    I only started about 2 weeks ago so I've been weighing in around twice a week. But once I hit a weight loss wall, (which you usually do after the first few weeks of dieting) I'll start weighing in once a week to see how I've done.
  • Michelle_Padgett13
    Michelle_Padgett13 Posts: 417 Member
    I weigh every morning as soon as I get up. I only record losses. I tend to stay within a 3 pound range, and every week or so that range drops down 1 or 2 pounds. Being at the top of the range helps motivate me to keep from snacking at night, because I know I'm accountable to the scale in the morning.

  • johnthomasmoore
    johnthomasmoore Posts: 59 Member
    I started on MFP, got a Fitbit, got a blood pressure monitor and started logging weight, activity, blood pressure and diet everyday when my doc said to lose weight because my blood pressure was up. Have logged 139 days, every day. With daily weights you can see trends and patterns. I have my system pretty much automated with TrendWeight, FitBit, and MFP linked. Everything, except blood pressure, feeds automatically into Google Spreadsheets. If you log daily you really want to look at moving averages to smooth out the noise. See how I do it at
  • popshoveit
    I've tried different things. What works for me best is weighing every morning. It keeps me in check. Otherwise I will catch myself not eating as healthy and thinking it will all be ok a week from now, etc.
    Daily weigh ins for me!
  • Laughter_Girl
    Laughter_Girl Posts: 2,226 Member
    I weigh myself once a week, and I take measurements bi-weekly. Based on the responses of others, you'll have to find the method that works best for you.
  • strawmama
    strawmama Posts: 623 Member
    I weigh myself daily...while it drives me BONKERS sometimes, it keeps me on track by helping me to see trends and see how certain activities and meals and "cheat days" affect my weight.
  • bradXdale
    About once a week, as long as I feel good and am eating at my deficit plus daily training I know I'm doing something good. Maybe I have more trust in myself rather than the scale? :)
  • Harry_jazzhands
    Most days \o/
  • beckm2022
    beckm2022 Posts: 298 Member
    I weigh myself once a week. I weigh in first thing in the morning after using the restroom and before eating breakfast. It's just what works for me. I'm the type of person that would be discouraged seeing my weight go up and down everyday. So I weigh myself, review my food journal for the week to see what helped and what didn't help, and move on. Good luck with your weight loss. :smile:
  • StarFall90
    StarFall90 Posts: 133 Member
    Every Monday and Friday. Sometimes in between if I feel like I have slimmed down.
  • pzacher68
    pzacher68 Posts: 38 Member
    I step on the scale almost daily but I record the weight on MFP each Wednesday.