ripped in 30 blues

Hi, my name is Misty and I'm a Jillian - o - holic.......

I completed 30 day shred and had pretty cool results. It was a case of struggling for the first 4/5 days then by the end of the level being able to feel ready to move to the next level. Before and after photos showed a marked difference. I was on a high from the success and was hungry for more!

Ripped in 30 however.....level 1 I felt pretty ok with, level 2....I struggled to do over half the moves! So I skipped it and moved on to level 3. Now, I can do 90% of the moves (mostly modified), but while I feel the burn on some (duck walk/bear crawl), on others I wonder what on earth is going on as I don't have sweat dripping off my face like before and I don't think its due to lack of effort.

I am confused by my lack of feeling like I have exercised successfully and productively and I am worried I won't see any visible results at the end because I may be half-assing it (although I really am putting in the effort!) Will you still see results if only doing what you can?


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    Noooooo, don't leave me to my misery alone and uncommented :(
  • Mistraal1981
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  • I'm wondering what the results are that you saw. Did you lose weight? Gain muscle? What did the pictures show?
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    You're working out which is burning calories. As long as you're eating at a calorie deficit you will lose weight. Keep at it and I'm sure it'll get easier over time.

    Whether you get 'ripped' or not depends on many factors - such as how much body fat you have, how much lean body mass you have and genetics.
  • I've never done ripped in 30 but I did the 30 day shred and also had good results. I saw this on pinterest and have done the first 6 days on it, I sweat like crazy and find it was less boring than the 30 day shred, maybe you could try mixing up your 30 day shred vids with the ripped in 30 or do 2 in one day?
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    I haven't done this particular video, but I would stick with level 1 until you are confident enough to complete level 2. Why would you skip to level 3 if you can't do level 2? -Confused. Add heavier weights in level 1 if it is getting too easy.
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    Hi, I'm pretty new to mfp, but I'm loving 30DS so far I started it on Monday, I alternated between level 2 & 3 so I don't get bored (that is ok to do right?!) lol

    I was half tempted to ditch it n start ripped DVD but I'm plsd I read this!

    I'd love to actually speak to someone who has good b4 n after pics, just so I know I'm not doing all this work for no reason!

    Remember to do your neasyrements as well as lbs lost! Everyone is different n whilst u might not be sweating buckets from some moves, you may be building your strength and agility instead, which all helps with our weight loss success!

    Also do you use a heart rate monitor?

    :) x
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    I did 30DS twice (once without weights then a second time with weights). After a short break I then went on and did ripped in 30 and tbh I wasn't impressed. I did not get the continued results that I had seen from the 30DS and did not enjoy the workouts so much.

    I'm in the middle of a circuit challenge at the moment with some friends but may go back to 30DS in the future just to keep mixing things up :)

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    Thanks for replies.

    I am 33, 5'3" and I now currently weigh 146lb. I do not use a HRM.

    I lost 5lb doing 30 DS and lost 7 inches total across the usual measuring spots. There was definite, observable differences in my overall tone and definition. Which I LOVED. I am very results driven, but I need them to be in a short period or I get demotivated.

    I was excited to start RI30 as so many people raved about it. I think I'm with Nyksta when I say I am not impressed with it. But I feel very disloyal to Jillian and can't help wonder if its something I'm doing wrong. I have a horrible 'lost' feeling, I get it when things aren't going to plan and I don't have a back up!

    I have been trawling the internet for a new program to follow. I wonder if it is no real coincidence most of the before and after vidoes/images etc are for 30DS and very few for RI30/insanity/p90x etc.

    After looking at loads of programs, I decided I am going to try Biggest Loser Body Sculpt, but I have very mixed feelings...should I push on through and finish RI30? Or is that wasting time if I don't feel like I am getting results? Or is that quitting?

    I am almost tempted to repeat 30DS, but when I finished level 3 was definitely not as much aof a push as it used to be and there is loads out there about repeating things like that becoming less effective, so chances are I wouldn't get the same results. I don't know :(
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    I completed both of those programs and I liked both of them and got good results out of both. I did each of the 4 levels for 6 days and then took a rest day on Sunday. I definitely would not have skipped level 2, especially if it was challenging for you. Also, if I felt like any of the moves were not challenging enough, I used heavier weights or pushed harder. If you feel like you aren't getting out of breathe, jump harder, squat lower, etc. I am now doing her Body Revolution program and have 3 weeks left. It has been really good and continually built up to become more challenging as it progresses. That might be something you want to look into when you get finished with Ripped in 30 if you like Jillian Michaels. I also like to do the level 1 of Six Week Six Pack on Youtube. I think I might buy the DVD when I finish this program.
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    Couldn't find the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt all three levels online, so gave BFBM a THATS what I'm talking about! Dripping with sweat, can feel there is room for improvement, but not to the point where I am baffled as to how to do it, and I feel like I have done a workout!

    Now, I guess the advice I need is whether it you get better results by consistently doing the same exercise routine several days in a row before switching to a different one, or if it would give better results to alternate BFBM and RI30 each day?

    Would love advice on that.
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    *in monotone voice* Hi Misty.

    I share your syndrome of being a Jillian-o-hollic. I have a problem. And I'm okay with it.

    I'm currently in the process of her ripped in 30 dvd. Actually- as we speak, I'm finishing off my protein shake and waiting for the sweat to dry off my face. I just finished day 5 of week 2.

    My advice to you? Just don't stop.
    You can only do the modifiers? Still sweating so much you wonder how you missed someone throwing a bucket of water on you?
    Then you're doing it right.

    If you get through all 4 week and you think to yourself "wow, I could've done so much better"
    What's stopping you from going back to week 1, completing it again and doing all of the advanced movements?

    I personally would only do 3-4 days of week 2. And that's just coming from someone who's double jointed, and I am wishing I didn't do 5 days of week 2 because my left wrist feels on the brink of injury from all the plank.

    I have no idea what week 3 or 4 are like- I can tell you part of that when I start week 3 tomorrow.

    But all I can tell you is keep going. Don't stop. Don't question yourself as to going hard enough because there's no reason why you can't always go back and do it again. Make this the first run, and you can always improve. Don't stop :)