I am a vegan and also a diabetic, so I have to watch those sugars and carbs. When I reach my goals for carbs and get even close to calorie recommendation, i overshoot the fats requirments. Any suggestions?


  • rml_16
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    Fat doesn't make you fat. Are you seeing results?
  • Yes Maam! And I have heard fat doesn't make you fat before, but forgot that. Thanks!!!
  • I too don't worry about the fats. I pretty much just focus on the calories :)
  • cateyedkp
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    Healthy fats- nuts, nut butters, avocados, olive oil, etc. are great for you and will help keep you full. Just make sure you always measure your portions, as they do pack a high caloric punch. Work them into your daily calories and you'll be all set! :)