Hi I'm over weight too!!

I like to snack or munch whichever term you like to use. And I am needing some ideas of Calorie free snacks. My husband works long days and is not home til 8pm in the evening which makes supper really late for us. And then we go to bed around 10pm. This is not a good idea for weight loss. I am looking to lose 90 plus lbs. When you see the numbers its really scary. I will try to be supportive to everyone as much as I can be. And look forward to meeting and getting to know people.


  • When my husband works late I eat dinner at 4 or 4:30 and save my snack to eat with him. I always have portion envy when I eat with him, he has no weight issues and eats what he wants! I eat a majority of my calories before 5 p.m. daily. I can't wait to eat dinner late, I tend to over snack waiting for dinner.

    My go to snacks:
    hummus and veggies
    string cheese
    Luna Protein bars
    mint tea
    apples and peanut butter (I buy the single serve packs, measuring PB is a pain for me and I can't eat too much)
    deviled egg