Go to Snacks

Other than FRUIT, what is your go to snack between meals?


  • Iknowsaur
    Iknowsaur Posts: 777 Member
    Hummus with veggies or pita chips
    A caprese stack on a piece of french bread
    Leftovers, whatever
  • Baby carrots!
  • FitGeekery
    FitGeekery Posts: 336 Member
    Hummus & veggies
    PB and crackers or celery
    Almonds & apple
    Greek yogurt + fruit or nuts or a bit of honey or cinnamon, something to flavor it
    Salt free tortilla chips + hummus or salsa (or my home made salsa)
    Plain popcorn (I might add salt-free seasonings like garlic powder or nutritional yeast or chili powder etc)
  • cindagrif
    cindagrif Posts: 60 Member
    Almonds, Baby carrots and popcorn
  • thinin008
    thinin008 Posts: 11 Member
    Celery and PB
  • dswolverine
    dswolverine Posts: 246 Member
    hard boiled eggs, popcorn, cottage cheese, cut up veggies, low fat cheese, plain greek yogurt
  • Boiled Egg
  • searogers090813
    searogers090813 Posts: 63 Member
    Protein bars, yogurt, veggies with hummus & these individual steamer packs of edamame pre-portioned out. Love that stuff.
  • kimmymayhall
    kimmymayhall Posts: 419 Member
    cottage cheese
    greek yogurt
    protein bar
    PB toast
    cheesy toast
  • LRoslin
    LRoslin Posts: 128
    Dry cereal (currently Barbara's Puffins cereal)

    Air popped popcorn with nutritional yeast (spritz of nonstick spray to help seasonings stick)

    Sunflower butter

    Hard boiled eggs

    Protein bars (ThinkThin are my favorite)
  • sbarella
    sbarella Posts: 713 Member
    Low fat yogurt, ricotta cheese with cocoa, whole wheat crackers.
    I'd rather eat fruit as a part of my main meals because it doesn't keep me full. I need some protein in my snacks.
  • dth256
    dth256 Posts: 15 Member
    Same here - fruit doesn't keep me full and I want something else too quickly.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  • whitebalance
    whitebalance Posts: 1,655 Member
    If I need fiber: Dang coconut chips.
    If I need calcium or a little protein: Frozen yogurt.
    If I need more protein: Ham or turkey with crackers and maybe cheese. Good crackers, really good cheese.

  • kellymac518
    kellymac518 Posts: 132 Member
    polly-o string cheese, mozzarella... and i like blue diamond dark chocolate almonds
  • everstraete
    everstraete Posts: 18 Member
    My go tos are varied in calories and type based on my needs as a student

    Long Time in between meals due to classes? homemade snack mix for about 200 calories with a decent serving of nuts for protein
    Mindless study snacking (not the best thing I know, but I'm working on it)? Boom Chicka Pop, 4 cups is 120 calories and it is DELICIOUS!
    Quick snack? Rice cake and PB, 2 lightly salted rice cakes and 1 tb of pb clocks in at 160 calories, not too much more than large banana
    I also am a fan of sweet and salty bars, 1 cup tupperware containers of rice chex, string cheese, and apples with PB for a protein kick (protip: 2 tbsp PB2 + 1 TBSP FF Vanilla Greek Yogurt= Amazing dip that has a cheesecake like quality to it.)
  • dunnodunno
    dunnodunno Posts: 2,305 Member
    Apple & peanut butter
    String Cheese
    Carrots, celery, and dips (haven't had this one in awhile)
  • fjcone
    fjcone Posts: 19
    Fiber One 90c packs. Very filling for their size.
  • emmy3111
    emmy3111 Posts: 486 Member
    bump for more ideas...

    stuck in a rut at work of a snack cup of greek yogurt or cheese and crackers...
  • Momto4minions
    Momto4minions Posts: 230 Member
    I make a dozen boiled eggs at a time, so they are always there to grab and go.
    I love pickles.
    Celery, with or without PB
    Air popped pop corn
    I also cook chicken breasts and keep them on hand, so I can grab some chicken and Food Should Taste Good multi grain crackers.
  • echoslug
    echoslug Posts: 73 Member
    Carrots and Hummus
    dark chocolate (1 square)
    Greek yogurt
    string cheese!