Starting Over...Kind Of

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Hello everyone! I have been a user of for years but with a few minor setbacks, I am back and ready to kill it! I have a big trip back to California this Summer and it is imperative that I am in tip top shape or pretty close to it! I would love some new friends and accountability partners. Let's rock this out ya'll!!


  • Hey there! I'd love to add you as a friend.

    Good luck with your goals! We can do this!!!
  • AmyByExample
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    Go Krys! I have finally found a program that is working for me, so I am more committed than ever. Happy to support you along the way as you have done for me many a time over that past few years. Hugs, Amy :0)
  • hellokatee
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    Hi there! I've been on MFP for years too but I re-committed in June of last year and basically ALL of my friends don't log in anymore. I would be happy to add you! :happy:
  • FaileBashere
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    Hi, I'm new to this and looking for people to relate! Friend requested.
  • Hi,

    I'm on here daily and I am coming towards the end of my weight loss journey (about another 35lb to go) so feel free to add me if you would like to xXx
  • This is my 3rd go round with MFP. I am 5 weeks in this time and feeling more committed than ever. I would love any and all accountability helpers!
  • cathiaflock
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    I'm just like everyone else. I'll be starting over today. I have family coming and trying to get the home in order and do school and work and married life all at once. But next week I will be starting over exercising. I have been logging in the last almost 60 days but the last week I have fell off the wagon with my calories. I'd be happy to lend a hand of awesome support for all on here who would like it.

  • Nikk2674
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    I'd love to have accountability partners too! Looking at 30 lbs to lose this year (we'll see how I look before going the full 30). I will add you if you don't mind
  • Added you! I also have a trip planned to the Great Sand Dunes this summer, it involves wearing a swimsuit lol
  • I had been doing weight watchers but could no longer afford it. I had lost 30lbs and gained about half or it back. I have been doing mfp for about a year or so but not serious. Ready to get serious but have no friends on here! Would love to add people!
  • JaneShepard1
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    Food is not the issue for me so I tend not to log my meals daily but, its more about finding the time to exercise regularly. I lack consistency as my social and family life are such a big part of my schedule that fitting it in can be impossible! Especially when there is an amazing event happening and all my friends demand I be there lol! I previously dedicated a specific time of the day to workout but never stuck to it long enough until it became second nature because someone goes and has a birthday or something, and I end up partying all week (or month) and break the routine (blatantly ridiculous excuse I know but hey!) I want my workouts to be as ritual as my first coffee at my desk in the morning and become almost nigh on impossible NOT to do! Therefore..... feel free to add me guys as I could definitely use some fitness peer pressure for a change :D

    Soooo tired of starting over!