Death, Bariatric Surgery, or MyFitnessPal ??



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    CCH, wow...just wow! I'm so glad you chose MFP and not surgery. Look at how much power you have within yourself! You are absolutely incredible! Your story is such an inspiration to so many and I thank you for sharing this. I wish you continued success and keep on peddling! You are a true superhero! :wink:
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    This is an Amazing Story! Amazing and Inspiring! Way to take Charge!
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    Congratulations on an amazing transformation! It took sheer dedication and determination to accomplish what you did! You have inspired me to keep going! Thank you!
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    Hats off to you - great post, fantastic story - thank you for sharing your success!
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    Fantastic. So inspiring.
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    I choose MFP !!

    On 7/17/2013 I was 397.6 pounds, with high blood pressure, swelling joints, COPD, and facing Bariatric surgery. I was a time bomb of bad health. To prepare for surgery, I was introduced to MyFitnessPal and told to lose at least 27 pounds, before the operation. Being a lifelong dieter, I never thought I could count calories or measure my food. But I vowed to put down everything that went in my mouth on MFP. The pounds started to come off, the first surgery date passed, and then the second, and then I finally cancelled the surgery all together. Today 2/26/2014, I have lost 111 lbs. Dropped 2 of 3 high blood pressure pills, and am in better health than I’ve been in for a long time.
    Along with the diet, I started to ride a bicycle due to being unable to walk far with a recent hip replacement. The first day I rode only 3 blocks, then that increased slowly as the weight dropped off. Now I ride 10 to 12 miles a day at blazing speeds and go crazy if the weather or something else makes me miss a day. It helps me lose, keeps me motivated to stay fit and has become an intricate part of MyFitnessPal program. My new body has even allowed me to wear some of those tight fitting bike clothes that a few months ago I would not be caught dead in.
    Thank you MyFitnessPal and all my friends and supporters !!!!!

    Wow. I love happy endings. I know you are still in process of living, but you closed the book on surgery, and awesome job at that!
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    Inspiring :smile:
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    So happy for you! I hope others planning surgery read this.
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    What a wonderful achievement!! Very inspiring story. Thank you for posting :smile:
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    Brilliant job.
    I also have COPD and discovered a love for cycling a few years ago.
    I look forward to the (great) British weather improving so I can get my bike out more.
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    Thank you for sharing your inspiring and continuing success story...and in your 60's too!!
    From one "boomer" to another...thanks for proving it's never too late, or impossible, to achieve and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Go you!!
  • You are AMAZING. Congratulations on achieving so much in such a short period of time!!

    I'm so glad you chose MFP, it enabled you to learn how to make permanent and healthier lifestyle changes that you will benefit rrom for the rest if your life! Surgery would have been easy in some ways, but there is no guarantee that you would have learned what you have through proper diet and exercise. Not only that, but your story is inspiring for many of us who still have a ways to go. Thank you for sharing your success story. Way to go!!
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    SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!! Way to go! You should be sooooo proud of yourself!!! Way to take charge of YOUR life! Give yourself a good pat on the back! I am very proud of you! Keep it up!!!!
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    WOW!!!! One of the most amazing stories I've read here. Thanks for sharing. What encouragement...
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    You are an inspiration :) well done
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    Your story is awesome, thanks for sharing this. It is truly motivational!!
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    Congratulations!!! Wow what an amazing story...defnintely got my motivated!!!!!
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    111lbs??! Good God, you're amazing!! Great job!
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    Congratulations on your success! It can be done with determination and perseverance and you are a testimony to this!
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    Amazing !!! Way to go !!!