puppy training

Beastmaster50 Posts: 505 Member
We hired a puppy training service and yesterday was the first session. Best money ever spent. The best part is that we were the ones being trained but our little pup is catching on real quick.


  • Polda2010
    Polda2010 Posts: 99 Member
    What a cutie!! :-) My pups got me trained to the T lol.
  • Yes that's the standard. Owners need to learn too because you are the main foundation for your pup and that's how a pack leader being established. Good job!
  • ALNoog
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    Maybe we need to try that.... We have a 6 pound that is about a year and a half and we never went to training and she is a nightmare!!! Love her to death but she is horrible! My husband lets her get away with murder because she is little and cute... So I don't know how much hope there is for her ...

    But we also have a little chorkie that is around 10 weeks old and weighs 1.4 pounds.. And I'm afraid we will end up with 2 terrible terriers if we don't do something different this time! He's already picking up her bad habits.