Women who are 5' 8", what is your weight goal?



  • new_iifym
    new_iifym Posts: 6 Member
    I am 5'8 and fluctuate between 140-145. My goal is 128-132.
  • toronto_j
    toronto_j Posts: 206 Member
    I'm 188 right now and my goal is currently 170. I'll see how I look and feel then, and decide if I want to try for another 10-20. I can't imagine what I would look like at 140 or 145, or if that's even sustainable.
  • msaestein1
    msaestein1 Posts: 264 Member
    Wow, you're all much lower that what I thought mine should be. I appreciate all of your responses!

    I am aiming for 160/165, which is 35/30 lbs lower than where I started at in January. We'll see where I feel best at, and who knows, maybe I'll push for lower or find my "happy place" somewhere higher.
    This is my goal. I was initially at 160-165, but I have 155 for now; small cushion theory. You know for when you overindulge during the Holidays, etc.
  • kodibear123
    kodibear123 Posts: 185 Member
    I am 5' 8" and my goal weight is 155. I have lifted weights for years and I look pretty lean at this weight :):bigsmile:
  • ladyu
    ladyu Posts: 70 Member
    120 pounds 130 right now
  • tgrey4
    tgrey4 Posts: 56
    I'm about 5'8.5" and have been as high as 155 and low as 119. I'm 134.5 right now, and hoping to get into the low 120s.
  • tlcarolinagirl
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    I'm 5'8" and shooting for 140. I don't have a tiny build and I'm very athletic-looking, so anything under 140 and I might now look so good.
  • It's so interesting how much all of our goals vary!! I used to be 170 lbs... and I LOVED the way I looked. So that's my ultimate goal, at 170, I was a size 10 and was physically fit.
  • cfellows11
    cfellows11 Posts: 1 Member
    Your goal should be base on your own BMI etc not anyone elses. Your body frame age and metabolism also play a large part . Whatever you and your doctor feel is a healthy weight should be your number........160 is not unreasonable or "high" especially for the over 40 crowd !
  • RandaRae16
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    Cripes. I might want to revise my goal... My goal is way higher than what others are aiming at. Maybe 160 isn't a goal but another step in not being a chubby housewife & working mom.
  • moseler
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    I am aiming for 160 right now... we'll see how I feel when I get there.
  • RachyD21
    RachyD21 Posts: 83 Member
    Currently 143 and looking to get back to 134 or so. At the same time I'm hoping to increase lean mass so I guess that might mean I settle higher than this.

    At 143 I look 'skinny fat' and I hate it! I'm very envious of ladies of a similar weight with a lower bf%! To be honest I couldn't care less what the scale says as long as I look good, lol.
  • 4wheelinchick
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    I am 5'7 and I would love to be at 170-175. That was what I was at about a year after my little boy was born. And I was a size 14-16 comfortably. I started at 259 in Oct. and am down to 236. Once I get down to 175, I can re-evaluate. But 175 and fit would tickle me! :bigsmile:

    Good luck to all of you'uns and your weight goals. :-)
  • I am about 209 would like to weigth 160 for my height. 5'7 and 3 quarters. lol I used to be down below 120 but at 45 i dotn think that is a good weight for me anymore.what is bad is i dont look like im 209 at all but i want my BMI to go down and I am trying to force myself to eat more calories Im not a terrible eater but i dotn always like to eat breakfast and somedays ill go all day till dinner without eating and now I am paying for it because my metabolism has quit but i am working on getting ti working again I am working out and watching what I eat. im slowly starting to enjoy food again and my friends have been so supportive.
  • new2locs
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    I'm currently 190 lbs. I have a thick bone structure & look pretty slim right now. My body fat is at 32% right now so I'm aiming for 25-30% body fat & 175 on the scale. Some of ya'll are scaring me with these 120's & 130's although I understand your bone structure may be small. I really couldn't see myself there I would be skeletal.
  • sad_kitty
    sad_kitty Posts: 84 Member
    I started at 165, today I'm 155. I'll be happy as a toned 145, but if I can get to 135 that's cool too. Mostly I'm aiming to feel good in my body again, rather than a specific number on the scale. I can retain and lose a few pounds and inches of water/inflammation in a single day, so the scale is not nearly as accurate for me as how my clothes fit. When I was 140, my abdominal inflammation was much easier to mask without looking 6 months pregnant on a bad day, so that's probably the number I'll be happiest at.
  • Shelley6591
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    5'7 (close enough) my first goal was 180 which I am almost at, I will reassess when I hit that but I have 145 in my head.
  • Sunshine2plus2
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    I am 5'8 and going for 163pds!
  • I'm 5'8" and I'm trying to be 105-115. I don't want to be any higher that 125
  • ALMG1992
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    I'm 5'8" and my starting weight was 240 lbs, currently at 213.8 lbs and want to get to 195 lbs, but depending on how I look at 195 lbs I may go just a little lower. But my goal for now is 195.