Brides to be.....

Hello fellow MFP peeps,

I am a bride to be in Sept 2014, and I am looking to see if there are any other brides out there trying to get fit for their big day. Now, I will say upfront this is my SECOND wedding. I got married in 2007 and the marriage lasted 5 yrs (my ex was abusive and cheated - among other issues). All brides to be, please feel free to FR me and we can support each other. Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Getting hitched in June and would love to lose 25! Not a lot of time, but I think I could do it if I try REALLY hard. Feel free to add me. Looking for some motivators :happy:
  • Hello,
    I too am getting married for the second time in June! I am trying to lose 22-27 lbs and I have lost 5 already! I am here for support if you want it!
    Andrea Rose!~
  • lulloa
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    I am not currently engaged but I have a feeling its coming here shortly. I too have been married before. I am trying to be prepare for once it does happen I will be a few steps ahead of the game in regards to losing weight. I would like to lose 33 lbs. I'm currently so unmotivated but I know I need to get on my A game. Any support or accountability would be so helpful.
  • I will be getting married in 2015! I hope to be as fit and to have lost at much weight as i can! i have bought the pattern for my dress but not the fabric.
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    Getting married for the second time in August, I am hoping to lose some of this weight before then...
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    Getting Married in November 2014. I would like to lose somewhere between 25-35 more pounds and I need all the motivation/support I can get. Feel free to FR me and we can support each other.
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    Sept 2014 wedding here also. I have about 120 pounds to lose total. Obviously not all of that is going to be gone by that time, but I'd like to be down at least 50 pounds by the wedding month. I'm also standing up in my sister's wedding at the beginning of May, so I have zero time to lose. I don't care so much about how I look in my dress, I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • Hello, I am also getting married this september! great to know there are other bride to be's in the same situation :) lets keep in touch and motivate each other :smile:
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    I'll be getting married in July 2015! I am so motivated! I am hoping to lose another 30-40 pounds, which is definitely doable!
  • Hi!! I too am a September bride!! I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds and tone up. We are honeymooning in Costa Rica and I would love to feel confident in a bikini for the first time in a long time. I joined Koko Fitclub last week. I try to go 4x a week and do 2 rounds of cardio (they are only 15 mins a piece). I log everything that I eat on here and I am just trying to eat healthier :)
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    Getting married in 141 days 19 hours and 38 minutes...or July 20th. Not that I am counting or anything ;) I have already lost almost 30 lbs and would like to lose another 20 before the wedding. Not my end goal by any means but I would love to be around 155. I do already have my dress, but won't start alterations until end of May.
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    Hello.....2nd marriage here too... Getting married in July JAMAICA so I really need to crack down. I started Jan. 6th... have lost 9 lbs so far. Need to lose 25 total.. so approx. 16 more to go!!! Feel free to add me. :) This is HARD!
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    I've just gotten engaged! No wedding date set yet as there isn't enough money yet but I've got 50 something pounds to lose so I am preparing in advance!
  • emmy3111
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    August 2014 here :) I am looking to lose another 15 pounds before the wedding... I have lost six so far. I know I can do it... and that dress is a super huge motivation for me to reach my goal - but friends that can hold you accountable always help :)
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    Getting married in November 2014 and trying to lose 25 more lbs before the big day. I've been having a hard time with motivation lately too, feel free to add me and we can motivate each other!
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    April 2014! 5 weeks today. Not planning to lose a huge quantity of weight in that time, but I am gearing up for a bit of self-imposed March bootcamp. If I can lose 7 lbs I'll be very happy!
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    I'm neither engaged, nor am I in a relationship, but I may one day be a bride-to-be so I'm hoping I'm already in the shape I want to be in by then :laugh:
  • I've been engaged for 2 years now and we are hoping to get married next year. We were going to get married this year but I got pregnant and just had our 2nd baby 6 weeks ago. I am wanting to lose another 15-20 by the time we do get married :) good luck ladies!
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    I got engaged 3 weeks ago. My plan is this fall to get married. No official date set yet though. Just trying to get figure what venue we want to have our wedding at and see what dates are available.

    However, right now I'm not sweating for my own wedding quite yet. I am maid of honor in my friend's wedding in May 2014, which is about 10 weeks away!!! I'm trying to lose 20 pounds for my friends wedding. I'm only have 15 pounds to go. Then I'll continue to work towards to losing about 10 more pounds for my own wedding.

    One thing I noticed that has helped is having a fiance who know I understands what I want to do and helps keep me motivated. :-)
  • Right....getting married on 20th June! scary stuff! Im trying to get down a good few more lbs so feel free to give me a kick up the bum and add me:) x