The long-awaited bikini before/after!



  • phys72
    phys72 Posts: 66 Member
    would also love to know what bulking/cutting is?
  • eevincheezburger
    eevincheezburger Posts: 163 Member
    Bulking is a period in which you eat and work out in order to gain muscle. Cutting is the period afterwards in which you eat and work out to shed fat while also maintaining as much of that muscle as possible :)
  • lin7604
    lin7604 Posts: 3,019 Member
    holy geeze that is a HUGE difference, congrats!!! I wish i could do bulk and cuts, it would of helped me so much but with a thyroid disorder i can't mess with my system too much! you look fantastic!!! i loved that you had the same suit on for all the pics, that is what i do as well to really see the changes.
  • CTcutie
    CTcutie Posts: 649 Member
    WOW! Great job!!! :flowerforyou:
  • nehmon
    nehmon Posts: 50 Member
    Just one Word: AMAZING.

    Really good Results you got and thanx for sharing
  • DP325i
    DP325i Posts: 677 Member
    Stunning! Great job. :flowerforyou:
  • aloedding
    aloedding Posts: 9 Member
    Amazing results!
  • pgn301
    pgn301 Posts: 29 Member
    Congrats on your progress you look amazing!
  • jenna808
    jenna808 Posts: 79 Member
    Wow!! What a difference, great job! Such a great example of heavy lifting results too, very inspirational.
  • FTF2014
    FTF2014 Posts: 257 Member
    This is better than the people magazine transformations excellent work.
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