Frustrated and Over It

I am a 35 yr old mom of 5 yr old twin boys and I am still trying to get the baby weight off. I weighed in at 264 lbs the day they were born. Within 3 months I got under 200 lbs, and vowed I would never be out the 100s again. It wasn't long before I crept back up into the 2-teens, then 220s, and then 230s.

I have started exercise routines, burned out, and stopped. Same thing with dieting. While I am much healthier now, I am still struggling to find that balance of getting the right nutrition and making sure I get that exercise in each day.

It seems that once I start to lose the weight, I get excited and then reward myself with food and before you know it, I have stopped exercising and kept on with the eating. I am working hard now to break that trend.

I don't have to be fat. I am not going to give up this time. It is time to step up for my children, my husband, but mostly for MYSELF so that I can feel happy and beautiful!


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    Perhaps you need to make a list of non food rewards?
    a pedicure, manicure, new book, new work out wear, whatever else would motivate you.
    Good timing now the twins are in Kindergarten.
    You can do this!
  • Instead of rewarding yourself with food, try rewarding yourself in other ways. For example, if you lose a significant amount of weight, and you notice that you've gone down a size, reward yourself with a new pair of jeans!

    Good luck with your goals, you can do it!
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    I think the best thing to do is to change your mindset about the weight loss process. Years ago, I went through the same thing... I worked out a bunch and ate super healthy and once I lost 40 pounds... I just stopped exercising and went back to eating a ton of food. I ended up gaining all the weight back + 30 pounds! This time, I am trying to just create healthier habits that are going to stick for the long run... I do exercises I love and I eat foods I love but more in moderation. For me, I've accepted that this is going to be something I will continue to have to work at even after I get to the weight I want to be at. Because if I don't --- it'll just come back!
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    Instead of rewarding yourself with food, try rewarding yourself in other ways. For example, if you lose a significant amount of weight, and you notice that you've gone down a size, reward yourself with a new pair of jeans!

    Good luck with your goals, you can do it!

    thats an excellent idea..

    i can the past lose some and think im ok to eat like crap this time...and this time leads to next time..etc etc

    so changing the reward is a good thing!
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    Everything you're feeling is totally normal. I don't even have twins and I'm in good shape, but I feel "exhausted" and "over it" at least once a week. Whatever IT is...sometimes it's building that nest egg, getting that promotion, or trying to shave off a couple pound. Hang in there!
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    joannak4, I can completely relate. I've been through the same thing. I have three boys - 8, 10, and 12 and have gained and lost and felt awesome and regained :( I even joined MFP you'll see in 2012, but never used it. Just today I decided to give all of it a try, the log, the community, etc. I want to be here and be healthy as they get older and want to feel good about myself. I, too, and very frustrated and trying again. I have got in an awful habit of munching throughout the day, much of which is healthy (fruit and nuts), but too much.

    If anyone has non-flippant ideas on not snacking too much or about less caloric fruits/nuts, that would be wonderful.

    We can do this! :)
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    Jonna.. I think you have already done one of the hardest parts, and that is to post it here. One of the most important things is to come to grips with the reality that you have tried, you have failed and damn it you are going to try again and work on not making the same mistakes. For that I applaud you!

    Your a woman... you are a mom of twins for God's sake! If you can give life to twins and rear them, weight loss is no sweat. It's just about the right mind set. Log everything, even though it feels like a pain, and even though you may have not behaved well and gone over miserably on your calories (like i did this weekend). Try to find little pockets of time to work out. Blog about your accomplishments and your failures. This is a community and mainly here to support one another and keep each other in check. Make some friends if you haven't already and share your diary, it helps keep you accountable to your goals.

    Like Home Depot commercials used to say.... You can do THIS... We can help...

    Good Luck!! You GOT THIS!
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    I was reading your post and it sounded like the things that I've done.

    I agree with the others that posted. From what I've seen (I am just starting out), the people that are the most successful change the way that they think about food and health. I believe there is a saying: "Eat to live, don't live to eat." I love food and I too have used food as a reward or for comfort. Like I stated before, I am just starting out, so I am no testimony to success (yet), but I think I am heading in the right direction because I'm eating better than I have in years and I still get to enjoy foods that are not as healthy, just in less quantity and less often.

    I also believe that any changes that we make need to be for the long haul. It can't be about the quick fix. We have to have it in our minds that healthy living is a lifestyle. When I was sitting on my couch reading a book yesterday, I was thinking about that. I was thinking about how I would sit on that same couch and read or watch something on my ipad (although I RARELY just lounge - I am constantly busy with other things) and eat food and feel oh so comfortable. I thought about how I was creating a mindset that was supportive of staying heavier. I have been sticking around between 160 and 170 and although you might scoff at that because you've been struggling with the 200's (I was 203 at one point years ago) and just a couple years ago, I was 148 because I was doing the Atkins diet - of course for me, that's not a realistic way of living.

    We all have our personal struggles. Your post totally is something I can relate to. Finding alternative rewards is a good piece of advice that several shared.

    We need to identify what our struggles are and the behaviors that sabotage a healthier lifestyle. These are a few of my struggles:

    - Emotional eating: Reward, comfort
    - Giving in to "peer pressure" - if I see someone around me eating junk, I have a tendency to want to do the same
    - Eating out too much (but now at least I am trying to make some healthier choices and trim that down a bit)
    - Not making enough time to cook something healthy (eating on the run)
    - Eating dinner too late at night (this is one that I just realized today)
    - Letting my refrigerator get too bare
    - Not making time for exercise (every little bit counts)

    Thank you for reaching out to everyone. These forums are great (I just started using them last week).

    You can add me if you'd like :)

  • I used MFP 3 years ago to lose over 35 pounds and I am looking to lose that and more again. I learned that the support I received from this page is what kept me going. Knowing that I could vent about my frustrations to people who have been there / done that made a HUGE difference.

    Unless I am traveling for work, I will be on here every day. I will support you--cheer on your victories and give you an ear or shoulder when you are feeling down. Let's do this together. Let's meet our goals and be the best we can be.

    I've sent you a request..... and anyone else can add me if they'd like! :flowerforyou: