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  • Hey! I'm at 149 now, but I was 165 until last month. My biggest issues were emotional eating, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. I weaned our last child in December and I started tracking calories on MFP in January. I was an avid runner before I got pregnant with the baby, but I got away from jogging during the pregnancy. Tuesday was my first day using C25K. :)

    Sending you a friend request!
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    i'm your height and started at 173lbs in september 2013. down to about 154lbs now :)
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    <==== 162 lbs 5'3" size 4/6 Weight is only a number ladies.

    I am totally inspired by this post!!!

    I am 5'2" and I currently weigh in at 155lbs. I started in 2012 at 196lbs
    I have been working my butt off... and I actually mean that! It shrank so much that I had to start doing more squats so I could actually see it!

    I haven't really lost any weight at all in the last few months but I have lost inches like crazy!!

    I am in the gym... 6-7 days a week. I usually change up what I do... cardio and weights! I lift heavy and I just started reading The New Rules of Lifting for women...
    I have gone from a size 16 at my highest to a size 10/12 as of December of 2013... These last two months I have lost so many inches that I am firmly in a size 6!!

    It's not all about the weight... you can transform your body ... I am so glad this person posted... I am so excited to see just how far I can push my body!! :)

    Good Luck Ladies!
  • I am at 188 lbs but lost 27 lbs so far. I keep to eating a couple of fruits daily, then eat nuts, seeds, olive and peanut oil, lean meats, non-starchy vegetables, leafy greens, greek yogurt, occasionally less than 1/2 lb. whole wheat pasta about once a week, eggs and egg whites, and fresh herbs and spices daily. Then I hit the circuit with about 75-90 minutes moderately at the treadmill, broken up 1/2 to 1 hr of strength training a day. I try to keep to 3 square meals, occasionally eating nuts or fruit for a snack if I am hungry in the late afternoon. Honestly, I am not that hungry anymore, despite my low calorie consumption! Being short, and realizing you are going for a healthy, tinier size, you don't need to consume as much as big guys who spend hours daily at the gym. While my BMR is ~1500, and and TDEE around 2100-2200, yes I am eating perhaps far less and exercising a bit much. I just don't eat a lot of calorie-dense foods other than my oils and lean meats. I don't eat almost any grains (and near no dairy), as I use veggies and fruits in its place. Eating greens and veggies as the basis of my lifestyle, they don't have many calories. Drinking water, it fills me up. Do I binge? Yes, usually with extra oil or an extra slab of meat. Never sweets, tho...that is what fruit is for.
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    I'm about 5'3", 5'4" on "tall days," and I started out around 165 pounds. I was about a size 14. At first I just counted calories and tried to get moving a little more--usually jogging, yoga, etc. As time went on, I started to track the three big macros (protein/carbs/fats) and I started some body weight exercises (squats, lunges, planks). In the last few months, I've started actively working towards getting enough protein every day, and I work on progressive heavy lifting five (or more) times a week. I got all the way down to 130 pounds, and then decided I wanted to do a small bulk (topping out at 140) over the holiday season to spare my mental health having to refuse all the of the deliciousness. Now I'm on my way back down (138, as of yesterday).
    I love lifting. So. Much. I'm not sure I could love a human child as much as I love lifting. I wear a size 8 right meow, which is probably the smallest I've been since I was on my way up. I would strongly encourage you to lift, even though it won't impact the scale the way you might hope it would. When I started strength training, I was hoping I would get down to 120 and maybe I still will, but it's no longer a priority the way it was since I'm starting to really like the way I look. If that's not the way you want to go, that's fine, too.

    TL;DR: log all your food as accurately as possible, be more active than you have been, find a solution that you can see yourself doing for years, or it won't work.
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    Count me in!! I need some serious motivation,
    5'2 and current wt 158 start my wt lost journey about 3wk ago
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    5'4 and 168. I am having a really difficult time losing weight. I workout more and eat better now then I did 5 years ago and yet I weigh 20lbs more. I am definitely in need of encouragement.
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    I started around 165-160 at 5'3" although I lost the first bit without myfitnesspal. I'm at 141 now, almost completely based on diet. I eat around 1300 a day, although I go over probably at least once a week going out with friends and things. Now that spring is coming and it's getting harder for me to lose I'm hoping to add in more exercise. I would love to have more friends with similar stats, so anyone feel free to add me!
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    I'm 5'3 and am currently 149-150. However, my heaviest was 220. Yeesh! More round then curvy, thank God I don't weigh that much anymore, and this is the first time I'm actually working to lose weight as opposed to starving myself. Thanks for posting this forum! The encouragement is much needed. Anyone can add me. The more the merrier and more accountability! Good luck to everyone!!!!
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    I am just over 5'2 and started on here at 171lbs. I am now 126lbs and never thought I could make it this far. It took me just over 14 months to get here but I am a total foodie so I wasn't too harsh on myself with calorie counting as I knew I wouldn't last other wise. The journey is long but definitely worth it, I have so much confidence and can't wait for this summer to get into a bikini. Keep at it and take it one day at time. Feel free to add me if you would like any support.

    You said you didn't really calorie count. How did you lose the weight in 14 months! :) Congratulations!

    I calorie counted to a certain extent in that I tried to keep general track of what I was eating and stay around 1500 calories a day but I have never measured anything in my life and I wouldn't be annoyed at myself if I went over on any particular day. I know I couldn't be that strict. I think it is really important to remember that you are doing this for you and no one else so do it on a timeframe that suits you. I would never give up going out for a nice meal or having a really nice desert if I really wanted it because I know I can make up for it along the line by doing a bit more exercise or eating a bit better another day. I think this process shouldn't be so hard that you can't wiat for all the weight to be gone so you can start living you need to make little changes in your lifestyle that you can live with forever. I still eat some chocolate everyday and always will :) Best of luck
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    5'4" 160lbs. I added a few of you on here, but am not quite sure how this works. Is it pretty much like FB where you see posts on your own newsfeed and can post that way??

    Anyway, hoping for some motivation/support friends to help me get back to pre-baby weight!
  • I'm 5'3" and currently weigh 170. I am looking to shed 40 lbs. I need all the support I can get!
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    I am 5'1 1/2" and started at 230lbs back in August of 2012. I am currently 155 and working on getting down to 120.
    Feel free to add me, I am always looking for more friends :smile: .
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    Hi I'm 5'3 and currently 127 pounds and at my heaviest I was nearly 150 pounds. My goal weight is 110-115 pounds and body fat below 20% to see the outline of my abs.

    I'm finding my diet has the biggest impact to my weight loss with my current lifestyle. I eat out several times a week with family and friends and I count those as my cheat meals. On Sunday or Monday nights, I'll cook and prepare my lunches and dinners for the rest of the week into plastic containers. I like having a pre-made meal ready for me when I get home late at night.

    I just started adding friends and I'd like to make more. Please feel free to add me.
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    5' 1" 165-ish pds...I'm definitely going to add some of you! I try to do this, but lack any real accountability so I end up skipping "bad" days or weeks...

    My goal is to be back to my size 6/8 jeans. Right now I'm a 10/12. Before having my daughter I was 155 pds (my dr was convinced I was 125- made me get on 3 scales before believing me that 155 was accurate) but a size 6- I'm not super worried about the number on the scale because I tend to be very muscular and an athletic build.

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    I'm five foot three as well! I started at 195 pounds and am now down to 143, thanks to smaller portions, making better food choices, and a lot of cardio. I'm 13 pounds away from my goal weight, so soon I'll be working to reshape my body versus losing weight--at least, I hope that's how it works out! :-)

    I posted my nine-month progress report, with pictures, a few days ago. (I'd post the photos here, but Photobucket is being a butt.) http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/1211734-50-pounds-gone-in-nine-months

    Remember, losing weight, becoming healthy, and changing your life is a marathon, not a sprint. Progress may be slow or seemingly non-existent, but it will happen.

    Feel free to add me!
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    hey ladies!!
    I am currently 161 and 5'3. This is my highest adult weight while not being pregnant. I just recently gained the extra weight over the past few months (life's stresses) and whatever other excuses ha.
    I have been stuck for a while, was 165 for a good 2 months, finally sloooowly losing again. I have it set to lose 1 lb per week and hope to be at my goal weight in 6 months. (135)
    I workout a lot so i have just recently set my cals set to 1898. So far it is feeling pretty good. This seems like it will be sustainable for me.
    Anyone else eating around the same amount as me?
    I am also going to begin training for a half marathon in a couple weeks that's at the end of August and am aiming to be at goal weight by then, so there might be days i will eat more on my long runs.
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    I am 5'2" and started at 178lbs back on 1/09/14. Currently at 167lbs as of 2/28/14. Eating 1,410 calories and (trying to) walk 3 days a week (also threw in a 30 day plank challenge). I have a tendency to do great during the week, maybe going over calorie limit once a week by 10-20 calories. But then throw it all away on the weekends. Mainly due to enjoying a few beers over the weekend with friends or family. I only have a couple of my personal friends on here as motivation but would definitely love more encouraging words. Feel free to add me as well. :)
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    So much inspiration on this thread! Anyone in a similar boat feel free to add me!

    I'm 5'2" and have gone from 173 to 159 from 1/3/14 to 2/21/14 by keeping low carb / mostly veggie diet (with some lean ground turkey) and working out 6 days a week. Just got back from my honeymoon and ready to get in kick *kitten* shape for the summer! (and forever :-))
  • add me.. I need the support and motivation