Menu Plans

Does anyone have recommendations on a site for daily menu planning? I am having a terrible time with my food intake.. I need a structured plan that tells me what to eat for the day. I have looked online and found some, but they aren't really tailorable to my dietary needs. ( I don't eat fish)

Any one have some sites they would like to share?


  • I'm bumping this as i'd love to know as well!!
  • tiger_lily5
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    Hi! From all of my research, I've discovered that it really and truly depends on what type of diet you are following, ie Low Carb, Keto, Vegan, whatever. If you get more specific about that, then there are tons of blogs and food sites that have put together various types of meal plans. Pinterest has a been a huge resource for me in this regards.
  • laydeneko
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    You can try Its a subscription service, but you can tweak it to remove dietary items you don't like.
  • April_KT
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    Most all of them involve fish, you could substitute the fish for another lean meat. Or Google no fish menu plans..
  • ActuarialChef
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    If you're looking for a service that you pay to meal plan for you, I've heard good things about There are discount codes all over the place, and if you sign up for their emails and wait a week or so, they'll send you discounts that way as well.

    Other than that, I use to create my own menu plans.

    I'm sure there are other meal plan sites, but eMeals is the only one I know of that has store-specific and lifestyle-specific plans available.

    And no, I have no affiliation to them haha. I just read over this post and realized I sound like an infomercial. ugh. sorry. lol
  • Lizzy622
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    eating well has tons for free at different calorie levels and dietary restrictions