Taking A Chance On Something That Is Too Small

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Most of you know that I have been shrinking out of my clothes at a outrageous rate. This photo below shows me just 2 weeks ago. The size 16 blouse is huge. The size 16 pants are definitely baggy. Yes. I knew, it was time to order in some smaller size clothes again.

I did order some smaller tops, a skirt, a dress jacket...and even a couple pair of size 14 pants the other day; but today, I did something really bold. I really undersized my latest order for clothing.


Ed took this photo of me in one of those new size medium tops, just this morning; and the top shows just how much weight I have lost in my tummy and hips. The pants are 16's and still baggy, which does not let you see that my legs have gotten very skinny. This is evidence that the new size 14's pants may not fit for very long. In fact, they may be too big even now; but we will see.


For months now, I have been ordering most of clothes from Woman Within. I love this large lady's catalog company. Their clothes are wonderful, well-made and flattering to larger figured ladies. I absolutely love their Necessities Only pants, which wear so well and feel so good; but I have A BIG PROBLEM.

Woman Within DOES NOT carry smaller size clothes. Knowing that I will need new pants in a smaller size, I took a chance. I ordered 8 pair of Necessities Only pants in the last size available to me...SIZE 12. Now, understand this. I don't believe that I am a size 12...not yet; but I decided that it was time to be courageous and buy 'those smallest size' pants from Woman Within. They were on sale; and I have no doubt, I will need them soon enough.

My first thought was, "Get 'em on sale, hang 'em in the closet, and wait for the day in the near future, when you can wear them. You might not get the sale price or the color selections you want later."

Size 12 has a special meaning for me. My Mama was a skinny lady who wore a size 10/12, when I was growing up. Her chubby daughter Sue was wearing size 16 at age 12 and size 20 by the time that graduated from high school. My sweet Mama was never overweight in her life. She really didn't understand why her eldest daughter was fat and couldn't seem to lose weight. Both my kid sisters were small to average size. I was the only fatty in the bunch. While my kid sisters got to wear stylish clothes, my stuff had came from the old ladies section of the department stores...where most of the dresses looked more like tents. There weren't any specialized stores for large lady back in 50's and 60's. I was stuck with the half size rack at Sears or Penney's.

Mama past away in 1987, but I know that she is looking down on her 'big girl' from Heaven right now and smiling, because Sue finally got down to that 'normal size girl' (albeit old girl) that Mama always wanted me to be. Both of us will be happy to see those size 12 pants hanging in my closet, until the day I can pull them on.

Yeah! Normal is really nice, after a lifetime of obese. :happy:

Have you got some clothes in your closet that are just a bit small right now but will be fitting you real soon? Perhaps an outfit that you loved in the past...or something that you bought recently to treat yourself, when you get to goal weight.


  • ummommyme
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    It really is an amazing feeling to get smaller clothes and fit into them!! Great job:)
  • tavenne323
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    The last pair of pants I bought I got in two different sizes. The 14 fit, nicely, maybe a tad loose. The 12 was a bit snug, though I could get them on and buttoned. After wearing both around the house for a couple days, I made the decision to return the 14s. The 12s fit better, but are still a bit snug...hopefully soon!
  • Rachelerik
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    My mother-in-law has been a dream in taking in my clothing as I lose weight, but I am looking forward to being able to wear those beautiful smaller sized items that have been put away for a while.
    Congrats on your continued progress! You look beautiful!
  • maryhannold
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    Sue, I think you will be surprised...I'll bet those size 12's will fit better than you think!! ????
  • cathylopez1975
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    I too think those 12s might fit. I went to Old Navy the other day to buy jeans ($15 on sale). I bought a pair of 10s and a pair of 8s. Oddly enough, the 8s fit, except a little tight in the thighs. The 10s fit well but were looser in the thighs. I'll use both. Weirdly enough, I have NEVER worn either of these sizes. My smallest, even as a teen was a 14. I am SO EXCITED! I'm wearing the same size as my 20 year old normal daughter!

    And that dress I bought in a size 12 fifteen years ago that was my motivation - I wore it this Christmas and got so many compliments on it. Everyone thought it was very sophisticated and made me look 'skinny'!
  • lauramblair
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    You are doing awesome!!! And I think you made a great decision getting those 12's. You'll be in them in no time!

    I kept 2 pairs of jeans from 2002 hoping I'd fit them again someday. I just fit them last week. :) Feels so good.
  • Choc46
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    Outstanding. Your big smile says it all.

    In my case, I won't have to buy much new, I have at least 4 sizes of jeans.
  • leachjg
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    I've gone through 7 sizes in two years. I have size 8 shorts in storage under my bed just waiting for spring. I wear 10's now, but I will be in those 8's come May/June! The last time I was in size 8 was one husband, three children and 18years ago. Those clothes are really baggy and I bet at least two sizes too big so I bet those 12s fit and it sounds like you need to go to a real store instead of buying online to check your bad self out in some skinny clothes!
  • bjkidfun
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    You look amazing, I am so proud of you,
    I also wear clothes from womanwithin,
    They look and wear great. I'm wearing 16's right
    now. I have clothes of all sizes down to a size 8 petites.
    From a few yrs ago when I dropped 50 lbs, this time I need
    to lose 80 lbs.
  • snapehbp
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    Sue, I think you will be surprised...I'll bet those size 12's will fit better than you think!! ????

    I thought the same! Amazing job!!!
  • ZombieEarhart
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    What a great NSV! I just got a bunch of hand me downs from my skinny best friend, whose lost 30 pounds herself this year. She gave me a bunch of her old size 14s, and they almost fit! Just the thought of wearing my "normal" friend's clothes amazes me, I can't wait :)

    Enjoy your size 12s!
  • Sunbrooke
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    You have accomplished so much! Thank you for sharing with us :heart:
  • chriamaria
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    Can't wait to find out how they fit once you try them on!
  • Polishprinsezz
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    i really enjoyed reading tis story. and soon you will be in a single digit pant size. :)
  • Marjrides
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    GOOD for you, Sue! I used to order from Woman Within. also, but have shrunk out of their clothes. This week in New Orleans, I bought a Mardi Gras T-shirt in a size medium...and it FIT! Still trying to wrap my brain around that!!! Can hardly wait to get home this weekend and show it to my hubby. Going to have to start sorting through my closet again to cull out all the 1X and 2X stuff. I may not have much left to wear :ohwell:
  • SezxyStef
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    I do that...

    I bought a size 8 pants for my trip away...they fit...my husband said take them back because they will be too big come summer (which was true) and the size 6 fit just a closer fit.

    So I took them back and got a size 6 along with a few pair of jeans that are "snug" but better than spending a tonne of money on cloths that I wont be able to wear in 2months time.
  • jbpretty
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    Way to go! Normal is great! I love trying on clothes now. Bring on the next size down!!!