Jessica Simpson's newest shape

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here is a link to a youtube video of jessica and ashley simpson singing a chirstmas song for a pbs special...they were talking about jessica's weight on my radio station this morning AGAIN....why are her ups and downs such big news....i can not imagine struggling with my weight in the spotlight....people are soooo cruel....

how is her body shape/size considered fat??? she is very curvy and "supposedly" men like curvy women so who is ragging on her?? the women or the men???? or both and why????


  • Hummmingbird
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    i think she is GORGEOUS! and her shape seems good too me, however i do think that she needs to not wear those high pants lol....other than that shes is great
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    Poor Jessica. This is so sad to me. She is an amazing, talented, successful, BEAUTIFUL woman yet she is targeted for something as stupid as weight.

  • HeatherShrinking
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    I think she needs a new stylist. That dress wouldn't be flattering on anyone!
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    Well, she is visibly over weight, but not so much so that I think people should be ripping her up. She's still hot.

    I don't know, I think people just like to rag on celebs because it makes them feel better about themselves. Jessica in particular because she set herself such a high standard when she slimmed down for her role in Dukes of Hazard, perhaps?
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    I don't care what size she is, that is one ugly *kitten* dress. :laugh:
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    lol. yes, the dress isnt helping her shape. she is short, and any weight that she packs on doesnt help the cause. However, I would kill for her hair!
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    It is all because celebrities are held to a higher standard, no matter how wrong that is. People think since they have tons of money they should be able to have a personal chef and a personal trainer therefor never have any weight fluctuations. Jessica is naturally curvy and all the timese she has lost weight before she has done it not in the healthiest ways. She goes on very restrictive diets so naturally when she starts eating "normally" again she puts weight back on.

    I guess one positive for her is all the stories about her weight do keep in the media.

    Another good thing for her is she doesn't seem to gain the weight in her face as much. When I put on weight that is the first thing that blows up!!!
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    She looks beautiful, but yeah, needs a better stylist... someone who knows how to dress her figure.

    It's also the added image of her skeletal sister standing next to her that paints Jess to be even more overweight than she actually is. Plus, she has all the tools of hollywood to change her body if she truly wanted to, but I'm gathering that she's happy with herself regardless :)
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    Oh wow, she did gain a lot of weight!

    I think that means she is happy, though :) She is probably enjoying life and her new man....

    Regardless, she is gorgeous.
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    Ok well Jessica sounds really good?
    But in all honestly I don't like her hair and her dress and I think (based on TV standards) she is carrying too much weight for her small frame
    I bet in person she would be smoking....

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    I agree, I think it means shes not starving herself into a size 0 and she should probably be somewhere inbetween where she was and where she is now for a target weight...but who am i to judge right? I was surpised at her weight gain, I dont pay attention to celebrity gossip or smut mags... she is still a very beautiful woman but again I have to agree, seriously? that dress is retarded. Of all the dresses she could have worn... that was not a wise choice...
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    Unfortunately, if you're in show business, your appearance is almost as important as your talent and you'll always be criticized for it. Just ask Gabourey Sidibe how many scripts she's getting lately.

    Sorry to say it, I would consider her "fat" in that video, not to mention that dress makes it look even worse. There's a difference between curvy & fat. Jennifer Lopez is curvy, Jessica is fat curvy. When she played in the Dukes of Hazzard, she was still curvy, but lean curvy & looked insanely great. What helps Jessica alot is her great face, hair, talent, and personality.
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    I agree just because she is the spotlight it gets noticed more! We all have our ups and downs but normal peeps like me and you dont get targeted for it! Same goes for Kelly Clarkston.

    I did watch an ET special where they showed J Lo, Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears with cellulite! They are normal women! Just like me and you!
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    I think Jessica is amazing, she is one of my favorite celebs and designers, but I will admit that dress kinda reminded me of the Judds. Horrible dress should would have looked a lot better in something that flattered her curves!
  • nickiejohnson
    I was really shocked when an obesed friend of mine on facebook said how bad she looked in this picture, he even said, 'I know I don't have room to talk, but..."
    I just think people need to stop looking at her weight as if she owes anyone to look a certain way! Why should anyone care?! Worry about yours!!
    I think a huge thing for her is the choice of clothing! That dress is unflattering to hers and I'm sure the majority of people's figures. The one outfit that started the whole scrutiny of her size last year was a size 4! And I'm sure this dress is probably a 6 but because of how unflattering it is, makes her look a lot larger!
    People expect her to be the size 2 she was in Dukes of Hazzard, but she's even said she was starved and sick for most of that time! Who would want to feel that way?!!!
    Seriously, people need to drop this! The poor girl!
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    I haven't seen the picture, but ifit is anything like she was in Dukes of Hazard....drool.gif
  • RoadDog
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    I'm sure she is aware she has put on some weight. No one should be able to judge someone's appearance without an invitation to do so.
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    I would have to say that while she's put on weight, she REALLY needs to fire whoever decided to put her in that dress. Especially next to her waif of a sister...

    I totally agree. I think it is more the dress than her. It emphasizes all the wrong things in all the wrong ways. *shudder* She should has said no to that dress!
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