• CompressedCarbon
    CompressedCarbon Posts: 353 Member
    Bummer. I'm too old.

    Not for me. You can be my friend.

    I find I can only relate to people who have birthdays within 3 or 4 weeks of mine. It's kind of like those are the people I "correlate" to.

    I have awesome friends, and their ages span the whole magic rainbow. There might even be a few in their late 30s though I haven't looked lately.
  • odusgolp
    odusgolp Posts: 10,482 Member
    Right? I, too, refuse to communicate with those in their 20's, early 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's... etc. They just... suck.
  • 39 for 8 more months!!
  • 37 you can all add me if ya want to
  • IronPlayground
    IronPlayground Posts: 1,594 Member
    Just turned 40. Dammit!!!

    You guys suck! Ageism is mean!!!!
  • cjgray04
    cjgray04 Posts: 4 Member
    37 here. I'm new to these parts so feel free to add away.
  • Linda6580
    Linda6580 Posts: 199 Member
    Will be 37 in about a month! Feel free to add if you would like!
  • 20Grit
    20Grit Posts: 752 Member
    Bummer. I'm too old.
    me too:sad:

    I'll take you....wait, I already ready have you!
  • arsjcs
    arsjcs Posts: 22 Member
    I'm 37. You can add me - in fact, I need more friends so I may be adding everyone that has commented.
  • Cranquistador
    Cranquistador Posts: 39,744 Member
    Bummer. I'm too old.
    me too:sad:

    I'll take you....wait, I already ready have you!
  • drmcglone
    drmcglone Posts: 80 Member
    39 feel free!
  • fercar3000
    fercar3000 Posts: 286 Member
    I'm too old for this one :sad:
  • moya_rargh
    moya_rargh Posts: 1,473 Member
    39.......for the next three weeks. Feel free to add!
  • I will be 36 in 2 weeks.. Feel free to add me
  • katsmo
    katsmo Posts: 219 Member
  • sammniamii
    sammniamii Posts: 689 Member
    37 for the next 2.1 months here
  • TwinkieDong
    TwinkieDong Posts: 1,564 Member
    39 - anyone can add me! :)
  • MrsBooBear
    MrsBooBear Posts: 12,619 Member
    37 this year - feel free to add.x
  • TheBadToe
    TheBadToe Posts: 246 Member
    33 isn't late but add me anyway.
  • boymom75
    boymom75 Posts: 74
    38 here as well!!! Please feel free to add me - positive peeps only!!! :smile: