Mayo or Miracle Whip??



  • fredman2
    fredman2 Posts: 57
    Dipping fries into mayo and not ranch dressing?
  • MelsAuntie
    MelsAuntie Posts: 2,834 Member
    Neither one under any circumstances. Never, no way.
  • weightliftingdiva
    weightliftingdiva Posts: 522 Member
    You can... dip... fries into mayo?!!?!!?!

  • _TastySnoBalls_
    _TastySnoBalls_ Posts: 1,328 Member
    The answer is always mayo, full fat version.
  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,323 Member
    Never mayo or miracle whip. My mom never had that stuff around the house. I use salsa or mustard, sometimes olive oil.
  • aluethi1
    aluethi1 Posts: 97 Member
    Mayo for most things.
    Miracle whip for egg salad and potato salad. Neither taste right with real mayo.
  • Mayo. Much less Franken food!
  • giggitygoo
    giggitygoo Posts: 1,983 Member
    Neither. Avocado. Noms.
  • 970Mikaela1
    970Mikaela1 Posts: 2,017 Member
    ON a sandwich? Miracle Whip...

    to dip French Fries in? Mayo...

    You do that too!?!

    1 Mayo + 2 ketchup= fry dip.
  • Ang108
    Ang108 Posts: 1,712 Member
    I was willing to give Miracle Whip a try , but since it's not known in this country I looked in one of those " make-it-at-home " website and discovered that Miracle Whip is just boiled flour paste with oil and spices......kind of disgusting.
    I used to make my own mayo, but don't anymore, because I eat it very rarely....have switched to Heilman's (sp?) and it's ok. I really like Japanese Kewpie mayo, especially for French Fries and eggs, but it's next to impossible to get.
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    I like mayo but my family doesn't so it's miracle whip lite.
  • A_Fit_Mom
    A_Fit_Mom Posts: 602 Member
    I hate mayo on anything. Never have it on burgers or sandwiches. No I will only use light miracle whip in my tuna. And that is all I use it for. I don't use it for anything else.
  • kmreid1990
    kmreid1990 Posts: 2 Member
    Miracle Whip all the way grew up on it, plus it's lighter
  • OMG, mayo!

    Miracle Whip is the worst. Blech.
  • jamoore94
    jamoore94 Posts: 46 Member
    Homemade mayo all the way, miracle whip sounds not only icky, but tastes like super sweet chemicals.
  • evilqueenT
    evilqueenT Posts: 28 Member
    Hellman's olive oil mayo
  • olletho
    olletho Posts: 20 Member
    Mayo for 99% of things, Hellman's olive oil for preference... but I have a creamy coleslaw recipe that works better with miracle whip, which if you read the fine print claims to be for salads anyway. I'd still take "salad cream" in a sandwich over miracle whip... which is faint praise through damnation.
  • krawhitham
    krawhitham Posts: 831 Member
    Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo.
  • Meggles63
    Meggles63 Posts: 924 Member
    Put me in the Mayo group! There's a Southern Mayo called Duke's that is TO.DIE.FOR!! And for all the mayo h8ters - avocado? Really??? As someone else here mentioned, you don't use that much mayo on a sandwich, so why not live a little???
  • nerual13
    nerual13 Posts: 39 Member
    How about substituting mayo with avocado....

    This! Mayo is gross and so nutritionally pointless! I've been doing avocado instead, healthy fats all the way!