What's your type?



  • catneon
    catneon Posts: 911 Member
    Someone willing to love me back....

    Yeah I'm pretty easy with this too! Also a Nerdy chick who watches Firefly once per year is a plus!
    Ok fine I'll watch it!
  • CharleePear
    CharleePear Posts: 1,948 Member
    Tall, funny/goofy, intelligent, has a good EQ, has goals, a talented musician with loads of nice looking tattoos, Fair BF% but over 80kg, beautiful eyes, common interests, nice big arms, someone who isn't religious but loves God a lot. (some people don't know what I mean by that but some will.)
  • odusgolp
    odusgolp Posts: 10,482 Member
  • Funny, active and loyal. But he only exists in my dreams it seems!
  • funforsports
    funforsports Posts: 2,656 Member
    Intelligent and Athletic

    with a great a$s

    And great boobs

    And great at sex.

    Alright, that's good.
  • summertime_girl
    summertime_girl Posts: 3,948 Member
    Intelligent and Athletic

    with a great a$s

    And great boobs

    And great at sex.

    Alright, that's good.

    Hmm...you fit my list.
  • determinedbutlazy
    determinedbutlazy Posts: 1,941 Member


    Oh and sensitive, funny, kind, whatever.
  • GinNJuice75
    GinNJuice75 Posts: 186 Member


    Yup thats usually good!
  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    ^^^ she is my type

    otherwise, just a pulse.

    And thats not a pre-requisite
  • lucille_heather
    lucille_heather Posts: 650 Member
    great sense of humour, positive attitude, ambition and motivation, and easy on the eyes!
  • lookinggoodkel
    lookinggoodkel Posts: 1,235 Member
    a guy who can make me laugh

    nice on eye but no important

    has respect for me and my feeling/emotions/ views/self respect

    romantic if possible
  • MJC360
    MJC360 Posts: 368
    I prefer a lady with a pulse, if she showers daily and brushes her teeth those are huge bonuses!
  • harvo
    harvo Posts: 4,676 Member
    Funny, active and loyal. But he only exists in my dreams it seems!

    In your dreams would be a great place to be....
  • Here's what I like:

    A girl that makes me laugh.
    A girl that has big boobs.
    A girl that has small boobs.
    A girl who has no boobs
    A girl that isn't f*cking crazy.
    A girl that has some goals.
    An independent woman.
    A girl who can deal with my *kitten*.
    Women who have a vagina.

    Last but not least is a girl who looks good in yoga pants.

    Good luck on #5.

    Also, about the vagina, it isn't enough just to have it. My wife has one, I think. I never actually saw it. It is like Bigfoot...really hairy and seldom seen and some people don't believe it really exists......

    Hahahaha!! Bigfoot.......
  • brewji
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  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,605 Member
    a man with really long hair, probably a beard , bright compelling eyes , high cheekbones, hilarious, hermitish , creatively talented , extremely open minded, honest, vegan , taller than me , not really muscly more just thin maybe nice arms, talks to cows
    a women with bright eyes, pretty short or long or curly or blonde or brown or purple or blue or whatever hair , bigger boobs , shorter or same height as me , funny, honest , vegan , creative, open minded , a magical fairy , talks to snails
  • _errata_
    _errata_ Posts: 1,653 Member
    My type for what?

    Dating? Screwing? Marrying?

    I am sapiosexual. It doesn't matter if you are the most beautiful girl on earth. If you are dumb, dim-witted, slow, inarticulate, and have no sense of humor, I will GTFO. I cannot tolerate stupidity, or even people of an average or above average intellect.

    As for my requirements for laying the pipe, well, let's just say my standards are negotiable. :tongue: