I saw it--Life!--Spring is almost here!

Josalinn Posts: 1,066 Member
For those of you who are like me and get sad during the winter, I saw crocuses this morning!

I eat and I am lazy when I am sad. Seeing those little green heads pushing out of the dirt was the push I needed. It has been a very depressing winter on the East Coast, so I am really looking forward to spring.

The warmer weather and new plants is a big motivator for me. Makes me happy, and when I am happy I want to be more active.



  • sillyvalentine
    sillyvalentine Posts: 460 Member
    Yes! My little sunflower seedlings are starting to sprout! Of course, they are inside because it is still - 5 here! But soon!
  • Amandawith3kids
    Amandawith3kids Posts: 367 Member
    jealous. my crocuses are buried under about a foot of snow still. we had the state here today clearing snowbanks so we could see to get out of our driveway. poor guy fell on his *kitten* in the driveway. (he was ok i went and checked on him)
  • feelin_gr_8
    feelin_gr_8 Posts: 308 Member
    I went for my first bike ride on Saturday, it lifted my spirits so much! I love seeing the birds and squirrels out too! Definitely helps with depression and motivation, particularly for me, because I'd much rather walk/jog outside and ride my bike and hike etc than feel like a hamster at the gym!