What is the strangest food you love?



  • mudknuckles
    mudknuckles Posts: 1,417 Member
    Burnt thin crust pizza
  • DainaLC
    DainaLC Posts: 18,937 Member
    pimento cheese and tuna fish
  • lemonsnowdrop
    lemonsnowdrop Posts: 1,298 Member
    Either artichokes or chicken gizzards.
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,436 Member
    the weirdest food i've eaten is camel. actually, make that camel lasagne or camel spaghetti bolognaise

    it tastes like beef but it's more chewy, but camel mince isn't chewy, hence mince based dishes made with camel mince

    these days I mostly eat lamb mince, which tasted better than beef or camel mince, and since I moved away from Saudi Arabia I haven't seen camel mince on sale.
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,436 Member
    Burnt thin crust pizza

    apparently eating cold pizza for breakfast is considered weird... but it's totally delicious, no-one should knock it until they've tried it....
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
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    Best fruit in the universe...

  • 3P0X
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    Best fruit in the universe...


    Looks like a toy
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,436 Member
    i used to eat plain old mayonnaise on bread all the time as a kid. i would also sometimes eat mayo off the spoon

    my daughter does this. she's seven. I didn't even teach her how to make sandwiches. She figured it out all by herself and decided to make mayonnaise sandwiches (among other weird combinations that she likes to eat)
  • onleethestrong
    onleethestrong Posts: 44 Member
    Salami and grape jelly sandwiches on rye bread!
  • urban_ninja
    urban_ninja Posts: 175 Member
    Best fruit in the universe...


    Rambutan!! *Drool*

    "Once you pick the hairs out, it's pretty nutritious!"
  • train_01
    train_01 Posts: 135 Member
    Peanut Butter and tuna sandwiches. YUMMY!
    I also like french fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake or crushed potato chips on ice cream.
    I too eat sea salt as is and raw potatoes. I like beets and will try just about anything (except if it has peppers in it, disgusting). I haven't had most of the odd foods because they are not really available around where I live. :)
  • MelisaBegins
    MelisaBegins Posts: 161 Member
    Stale Peeps.
  • marvybells
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    Stale Peeps.

    those are so gooood
  • lilawolf
    lilawolf Posts: 1,690 Member
    Cow tongue and chicken hearts are really high on my favorite meat list. Gizzards are good too, and livers are decent but not awesome. They are great from turkeys too. I also like rabbit, goat, venison, frog legs, crawdads, squid, blood sausage....

    Rambutans (called lychees in honduras, but I looked at pics and what I had were hairy not bumpy), raw coffee beans (they have a lovely honey-ish flavored fruit over the bean that you can suck on)

  • yuuen
    yuuen Posts: 114 Member
    Fertilized Chicken or Duck Eggs :love:

    I'm filipino and I won't touch balut.

    probably thanks to that one time my grandpa ate one in front of me and sucked the juices out in a really disgusting, disturbing manner.
  • victal
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    Best fruit in the universe...


    mmm mmm ate loads of them in Thailand!!!! nice :bigsmile:
  • BrainyBurro
    BrainyBurro Posts: 6,129 Member
    lima beans

    that's about as weird as i get when it comes to food.
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,436 Member
    are lychees considered weird? didn't know that.... I love them so much!! definitely one of my favourite fruits!
  • hastingsmassage
    hastingsmassage Posts: 162 Member
    oven kale with chilli powder
  • YellowNightingale
    YellowNightingale Posts: 440 Member
    Let's see

    Poor Man's Pasta - pasta cooked, then drained and fried in butter to make it kinda crispy. Then using the same pan with the butter leftovers, add ketchup and water and make a "sauce", heat it up and eat with pasta! Grew up on this stuff.

    Pickled eggs
    Pickled beets
    Pickled cabbage
    Marinated artichoke hearts
    Olives of any kind, stuffed or unstuffed

    cream cheese and tuna sandwiches
    the grape jelly + chili sauce combo
    ketchup flavored potato chips

    Doritos on sandwiches and subs

    Sushi rolls with only avocado in the center

    I have a crazy thing for bold flavors