Do you find being Angry helps with lifting weights?

I'm Angry like 70% of the time , due to my borderline personalty disorder , motivation just beams out like a cannon..


  • The_1_Who_Knocks
    The_1_Who_Knocks Posts: 343 Member
    It defintely helped me when I was doing the elliptical, but I don't do the elliptical anymore.

    Yeah I think it helps with lifting too. I am bipolar and it think working out my bad thoughts through exercise probably helps my mental health too.
  • JoRocka
    JoRocka Posts: 17,553 Member
    running yes-
    dancing yes
    lifting not so much- I have found a strong correlation to unsuccessful lifts and pure hate- for me.

    If I'm grumpy I feel better when I'm done- yes- but if I'm truly raging hateful- no it doesn't help me at all (makes me sad because I'm angry a lot LOL)

    Just getting pumped up on it's own is helpful- but I make mistakes and get greedy with my lifts when I'm angry and then get stuck. <annoying> think it's the lack of concentration at that level that does it for me. cranky good- angry not so much.
  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 439 Member
    For me? Hell yeah there is a correlation between the two!
  • jlclabo
    jlclabo Posts: 588 Member
    not me.... anger creates lapse in concentration, and that will lead to break down in form and potential injury. if im angry or upset ill walk on the treadmill til its passed and then hit the weights.