b-complex & multivitamin?

I'm currently recovering from an eating disorder which caused a huge amount of my hair to fall out. I just got back from seeing my nutritionist and she suggested I take a b-complex vitamin for my hair, which she said would be fine with a multivitamin. I bought a b-complex on my way home, but now I see that everything in it is already in my multivitamin. Should I still take it? would it have any extra benefit or would it be potentially harmful?

this is the b-complex I got: http://www.pharmaca.com/pharmaca-vitamin-b-complex-50-mg-non-gmo-100-capsules/469906/product#.UyDIAVFdXRo
and I'm taking the whole foods women's food based multivitamin, which I can't seem to find online, but it contains everything in the b complex, in only slightly lower doses.

I know I should talk this over with my nutritionist but I wont see her for a week and since hair already takes so long to respond I'd really like to get started asap with anything that'll help.

alternatively, can anyone suggest any other vitamins for hair growth?



  • tacticalhippie
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    Most of the time, it's fine.
    Take them at different times so you're not "Wasting" the b-complex.
    It's water soluble.
  • VegasFit
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    What about biotin?
  • JoJo__Fit
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    It should be fine, I get the injections every other week and I take some supps called PHYTO for hair & skin. I have such a healthy glow and my hair doesn't fall out at all. I also eat a lot of veggies & drink water all day :)
  • bacitracin
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    I'm a male type dude, and I've been known to take high quality pre-natal vitamins. Why would I take vitamins intended for pregnant women instead of vitamins formulated for men, you ask? Well, you get REALLY noticeable hair growth and quality with those. Plus, your fingernails grow a bit faster and harder, in my experience.

    Also... eat lots of eggs. :D
  • DeeVanderbles
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    When I was growing my hair out for my wedding, I was taking biotin. It worked great.