Not sure what I need...

In a couple weeks, I will be at 8 months of my weight loss journey so you'd think I'd have this down in habit...but not so much. The last month has been up and down on the scales. Some days are just log them and move on. Some days there is PMS. Some days there is depression and heartache. Some days you tell yourself that once spring is here you will get back out there and exercise.

My life right now is complicated...stressful...unsure. My main non-scale goal is buried so far that I think that is losing its appeal too (I planned to do a sprint tri this summer with my brother but I can't find info about this particular one at all online...and if I don't know when it is, I can't plan, and I will likely be gone for 6 weeks this summer...)

I need to figure out healthier coping, I need to get re-motivated, I need a kickstart...


  • easy girl, from your avatar (picture profile) i can see you have lost a lot of weights..
    you should be proud of yourself!! :flowerforyou:
    just keep moving..never give up
    you will be'll get there eventually
  • annareeks
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    I agree, from your photos you look like you're making great progress. My number one motto is, 'one day at a time'. When I think about the big picture it seems daunting, impossible and discouraging. But when I break it down into 'I just have today', I then do my best to make good decisions for 'today', eventually you'll have a month of great today's etc. What about trying something different exercise wise? I randomly tried Zumba and LOVED it. It was so much fun, made me sweat like crazy and burnt so many calories. It then in turn motivated me to make good choices afterwards. Or something like aqua aerobics could be good. I know getting into a swimming suit can be daunting but most people there are in the same boat. My mum made me do aqua aerobics when I was 10. I was the only participant under the age of 65 and I was so embarrassed, between this and the Polish Folk dancing she made me do on weekends you can imagine I was the most popular child in school. But the aqua aerobics has become quite a trend now. In terms of food, I can't emphasise the importance of knowing your weaknesses and habits and then not tempting yourself by having it at home. The other thing that is important for me is food prep! I have a monthly menu of meals that my family will eat in a month. It has a corresponding shopping list. It took a bit of time to plan out but it was well worth it. My family and I brainstormed our regular meals, we added some new ones and changed some of the ingredients in the regular ones to make them healthier. After shopping I then cut the different meats up and place them into snap lock bags and freeze them, some even in their marinades etc. then the night before I will pop the right meat in the fridge to defrost over night. By planning ahead we can't fall into the old trap of buying take out because we haven't planned anything.
    All the best with the rest of your journey and congratulations on your progress thus far.
  • funkyforager
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    Youve already done fantastic! so when you think you are in a slump, remind yourself just how far you have come already and the hard work involved was achieved by you, knowone else just you....

    See if you can get something to focus on, like a 21 day challenge, so its a short burst of 3 weeks and in those 3 weeks give yourself a realistic goal, nothing major just something to look towards.

    Dont forget even with hard work our bodies can make us go up and down and look like its all for nothing, but in fact, you're just building up to an amazing 'next week'

    Hang in there... you can do it, you've already proved that, so smile and look back!

    Keep Strong, Smile as people looking at you right now, wish they could hit your weight loss to date!
  • feelin_gr_8
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    Thanks for the encouragement guys! I think I really do need to remember it's 1 day at a time! Just because I've only stayed under calories...what...1 time this week, doesn't mean that I can't the rest of the week. I know I need to learn better coping far, so good today. Of course, I've only had breakfast and I am always good by the end of breakfast lol.