Low calorie spreads/toast toppers?

yoltwag Posts: 114 Member
What can I put on my toast for less than 30 cals?

Only thing I can think of is vegemite :sad:


  • redwoodkestrel
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    I really love chevre on toast - usually around 70 cals for one serving of 28 g (~1 tbs), but depending on the size of your bread I usually find that's enough to cover 2 pieces. Plus there's a decent amount of protein in a serving, about 6 g.
  • Vessecora
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    Lol I've been experimenting with mushy peas (for the vitamins mostly but still) so I'm kinda in the same boat xD
  • paperfiish
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    1tb of greek yogurt with a pinch of honey or like 1/2 tsp of jam mixed in. Enough to cover toast, satisfy the sweet and creamy craving, reaaallly good <3
  • mamadon
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    One tablespoon of smuckers sugar free jam is 10 calories
  • maroonmango211
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    puréed fruit instead of jam. I prefer strawberry or Saskatoon berry but anything you enjoy. I've heard of using apple sauce with a little bit of cinnamon on toast is amazing too.
  • enchantedgardener
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    There are lots of spreads that are approximately 30 cals/tbsp.
    -greek yogurt 'dip'
    -vegetable chutneys
    -some fruit chutneys
    -mustards of all kinds
  • LKArgh
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    Low sugar jam.
  • Dairylea light cheese triangle= 36 calories! :smile:
  • TheLadyBane
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    PB2 with chocolate!!!! Delicious and low calorie. A tablespoon has about 23 calories.
  • melaniecheeks
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    Laughing cow light triangle - 25 cals.
    Cottage cheese.
  • Francl27
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    Laughing cow light triangle - 25 cals.
    Cottage cheese.

    Laughing cow is 35 calories. Still not bad though.
    Cream cheese. I put less than half an ounce on toast typically.
  • Supertact
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    Peanut butter. Make it fit.
  • knra_grl
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    for the limited times I eat toast I would just have the extra calories - peanut butter is yummy so I am going to have it once in a while :flowerforyou:
  • Briana_RN
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    Laughing cow cheese any flavor wedge
  • _TastySnoBalls_
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    Why does it have to be less than 30 cals?
  • paigenevaeh
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    Laughing Cow do an "Extra Light" which is 20 calories :)
  • I make something I like to call Strawberry cheesecake toast. On sprouted grain toast I spread 1/2 to 1 Tbsp of ricotta cheese and top with 1/2 to 1 tsp of strawberry jam. Any flavour jam works with it, ricotta is so good!

    Edit: If you want to keep it to under 30 cals just use the smaller amounts.
  • sweetnlow30
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    Light cream cheese is good. My favorite is Becel light margarine (35 cals for 2 tsp) , with some sprinkled ground cinnamon and a bit of Splenda . Cinnamon toast is delicious!
  • vicabra
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    Philadelphia fat free cream cheese - 30 cal 2tbsp
  • Sunbrooke
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    Make no sugar jam with Ball no sugar pectin. I make blueberry. I just put a cup full in the sauce pan, add some water, add pectin, and boil for a few mins. Then I pour it in a jar and it turns into jam.