Carb nite solution... Anyone tried it?



  • read the book and plug into the forums at for info about modifications and resources. also on sweeteners they are detrimental regardless becasue of dextrose or maltodextrin.
  • I am very pleased to see results and cant wait to get a hold of the book. It was taken down from slideshow review site. Could someone e-mail it to me?
  • I read a magazine article about this diet and am intrigued, because low carb has always worked well for me, but I couldn't sustain it. I have a question, though, that I'm surprised no one has asked yet. Anyone who has done low carb diets knows that the first 3 days are the hardest, as you try to get into ketosis. Isn't it frustrating to kick yourself out of ketosis just as you're getting into it?

    I have a fear that my experience would be what others have described-- that after spending 5 days making my body more sensitive to carbs, I would easily gain back anything I'd managed to lose, after even one modest carb night. But I hope I'm wrong!

    Would be particularly interested in hearing the experiences of anyone who 1) is not a regular exerciser or athlete; 2) is female; 3) has a lot of weight to lose; and/or 4) is older.

  • diet drinks are A unhealthy and B will kick you out of ketosis. stay away.
  • keep the protein low and the carbs really fast. cut out the pasta and bread go with the fast fast fast carbs that knifer talks about. stay away from gluten and fructose.
  • Hi, can this diet be followed by a vegan?
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    Starting a blog on this to hopefully start a community all invested in CarbNite or CarbBackloading theory and practice.
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    Wow - so much positive to say from so many first-time posters! It's astonishing!

    I know, eh? It's so fishy that I don't even need any more protein to hit my macro goals for today.

    Well, I won't comment on the person who put a Clickbank link in their post, but speaking for myself:

    I found this thread by doing a Google search for Carb Nite related materials, and was thrilled to see some discussion and some info which led me to find free excerpts from the books online, which I read. I was happy to find this information and said so. I have not been able to afford either of Kiefer's Carb e-books, so (although I'd love to read them) I'm certainly not in a position to promote them at this point.

    As for the efficacy of the program: Well, as I said in my first post, it helped me break through a plateau where I had been stuck for months... but soon stopped yielding any more progress.

    My guess is that what was missing at that point was exercise, particularly strength training. They say "You can't out-exercise a bad diet." It also seems to be true that (once one is past the teens or early twenties), it's pretty hard to get lean by diet alone.
    Unlike my boyfriend who is doing this with me (he's lost 30 pounds so far) where as I have only lost about 8-10.

    If that is 8-10 pounds in a mere month, that is GREAT. Women tend to lose weight much more slowly than men, all other things being equal. Focusing on weight training seems like a good idea from everything I have read, and I think that was the "missing ingredient" when my progress stalled earlier.

    My experience since July of 2012: Ordinary low carb (probably about 60-100 grams per day) and a few walks per week helped me to trim off about 15 pounds in a couple of months. I didn't know about carb cycling, and I wasn't exercising much, and after that initial progress my weight stalled.

    I stubbornly persisted, and stayed at the same place (which at least was better than regaining weight) — until I learned about the Carb Nite protocol four months later. Following the Carb Nite protocol (from free materials I found online) helped me to trim off at most 10 more pounds (probably less) — leaving me about 25 pounds above my goal.

    But I still had not "gotten around to" really instituting an exercise program at that point, and I think that is why my progress stalled again.

    Now I'm back (after waffling around for a few months on semi-low carb and regaining about 10-15 pounds) on Carb Nite and adding regular exercise, with a view to trying the Carb Backloading system (only without the sugary junk that some people use, just clean high-glycemic carbs) once I am doing a sufficient amount of exercise to warrant it.

    What I'm mostly researching now is how to get the most efficient results from strength training, as building lean muscle seems to be a key ingredient to getting into the shape that I prefer. That's a whole 'nother topic, and if anyone here is knowledgeable about programs that can be done at home (I've got a copy of The Power of 10 and also have access to Mark Lauren's books on bodyweight exercises), feel free to PM me or refer me to any online resources that may help.

    I'd be happy to share my continued progress if anyone is interested. Without funds to even buy vegetables, let alone fancy supplements or gym memberships (or Kiefer's e-books), I have been finding and creating my own way forward, with all the free information that I can get my hands on. I would be happy to hear from people who are equally determined to get in shape, regardless of any obstacles they may face.

    Thanks, and here's wishing a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to all.
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    [Edit] Just checking in on this topic.
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    I recently heard the creator of this diet discuss how some women really need to limit their sugar and fat on their carb nights. For us ladies it is not a free-for-all.

    So if any women have been having trouble with this, that might be the problem?

    Found this article on the web:
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  • Hi, I just found out about the CarbNite solution from my friend who lost 20 pounds on the diet, in 2 months, which was pretty convincing. I read the book and have taken notes but I am left somewhat confused. He says that we are allowed to eat fats in general but then tells us to stay away from fats especially saturated fats and trans fats that are in animal products that he says should be the main source of protein. He also says that its ok to eat donuts and cake on carb days but then says to avoid sweeteners and trans fats that are in baked goods! these are two of plenty more contradictions that i have found while reading the book. I really want to start this diet but i am not sure where to start!

    anyone know how to de-confuse me?
  • If anyone is still in their Carb Nite Solution diet, I'd love to hear success stories/nightmares. Going to start next week! I'd also love to see some meal plans that have resulted in weight/fat loss for you! Have been doing Weight Watchers for years. I just read CNS and realized that I am eating WAAAAY too many carbs. As a PCOSer and Insulin Resistant I think that low cal/low fat may be working against me if I am not looking at carbs.

    Hopefully some of you are still Carb Night-ing and we can share ideas!
  • I'm on day 7 of the Carb Nite diet. I'm trying to figure out exactly what they meant in the book regarding soluble fiber. Do we subtract that AND the dietary fiber from carb count or do we actually ADD the soluble fiber grams back into it? Any help would be great. I've been fluctuating the same 3 pounds on these first 6 days and it's frustrating because I've kept carbs under 30 g. Hopefully this week will be better. Thanks......
  • I make this chocolate coconut oil candy too, its so good!
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    I'm on day 7 of the Carb Nite diet. I'm trying to figure out exactly what they meant in the book regarding soluble fiber. Do we subtract that AND the dietary fiber from carb count or do we actually ADD the soluble fiber grams back into it? Any help would be great. I've been fluctuating the same 3 pounds on these first 6 days and it's frustrating because I've kept carbs under 30 g. Hopefully this week will be better. Thanks......

    to get net carbs you subtract fiber from the total number. for example, if a food has 10 carbs and 3 grams of fiber then it has 7 net carbs. no need to distinguish between what types of fiber are in the food, whether soluble or insoluble, you still subtract them from the total to get the net. hth
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    For carb nites you are supposed to stay away from fats.. i.e. for dinner eat chicken breast with white rice and potatoes, for dessert have some cookies, donuts, or turnovers, and then at the end of your carb nite you can have a high fat treat if you'd like.
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    Also, check out for Alex Navarro's site.. she is a CNS-er and has an e-book with over 100 low carb recipes. Made her bacon wrapped meatloaf (on the site) last night and it was amazeballs.
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    My reason for doing this is get the weight off so I can exercise with out knee and ankle pain cause from an previous injury.

    I would love to hear your results or any tips or advice you may have on this.
    So what happened to your knee and ankle? What have you done previously to rehab the injury?

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