Delayed muscle soreness

I workout 3 times per week and include both cardio and strength training in my workouts. I have a pretty decent routine going that works for me. I am accustomed to occasional muscle soreness especially early on. It's not a problem and I live with it. But is it normal for that soreness to come 48 hours after a workout? The day after a good, hard workout I am not sore at all but the following day I am. Since I work out MWF that soreness is occuring on my work out day. Any thoughts? Is that common?


  • gypsy_spirit
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    My body is weird too. If I'm going to have DOMS - it will be 36 hours out.
  • dammitjanet0161
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    Yep, usually the day after the day after is worse!
  • JONZ64
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    I have always felt it 48 hours after, so either I'm weird too or its normal :smile:
  • CipherZero
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    DOMS are an odd creature. I've found really ramping up the amount of water I take in post-workout helps to defect them somewhat.
  • kethry70
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    Seems pretty normal for me, too. Fwiw, making sure I get plenty of protein on workout days seems to help as does drinking plenty of water and the amino acid workout drink I use. It may just be that my body adjusted but my doms improved when I started consciously 'replenishing' aminos and protein
  • Galatea_Stone
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    Yep, normal.
  • SunofaBeach14
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    My body can be a byatch too
  • bryant28408
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    OK, guess it is normal then. It's not been a big issue so I'll not worry about it. I assume DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness???
  • enjoy it. My bodies aching at the moment from last nights training, so is going to really hurt tomorrow. Just role with it. :0)
  • SunofaBeach14
    SunofaBeach14 Posts: 4,932 Member
    OK, guess it is normal then. It's not been a big issue so I'll not worry about it. I assume DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness???

  • cad39too
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    Yep, this is normal for some.
  • greypilgrimess
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    The harder my workouts are, the more likely I am to feel it 2 days after rather than 1.
  • Gearjammer71
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    Ohhhh yeah. I don't have a handle on it at all. It could be 48 or 72 hours for me, and that sometimes has me with two different muscle groups sore at the same time. Everything above my waist is wrecked right now, and I still have slight residual soreness in my legs from Monday.
  • Betty_Rubble
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    I have found that keeping moving after a hard workout session tends to keep the DOMS away. I.e - I do the weights then will do cardio either on the treadmill or do a cardio type workout DVD.

    And, when the DOMS sets in - keep those muscles moving, it'll help :)
  • misscem94
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    I can have it for up to 72 hours after a workout, which is annoying, as I never see the drop on the scales!
  • ShaunMc1968
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    Get some low cal chocolate milk into you within 20 minutes of finishing your exercise - the low cal stuff, by sheer chance, has the correct amount of proteins, carbs, fat and salts to aid recovery and help protect against DOMS. Reference - The First Twenty Minutes by Grechen Reynolds.
  • rml_16
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    Mine usually comes 24 hours later. I guess everyone is different?

    I know I did some serious stuff when it hits before the 24-hour mark.
  • sfbaumgarten
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    The second day after is always the worst for me.
  • tpncc
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    Forty-eight hours after the workout is perfectly normal.

    excerpt from the article above....

    There's a name for this type of delayed onset muscle soreness, and -- surprise! -- it's delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMS).

    DOMS usually sets in one to three days after your tough workout, but it may persist for up to 10. There are a number of theories as to what's really going on at the muscular level to create pain so far after the fact, including lactic acid buildup and inflammation, not to mention real damage to muscles and/or tendons. Experts say it's likely, however, that a combination of two or more of the going theories are probably at work.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Yup, totally normal but still seems kind of odd how it works. You're in the second day thinking, "I worked my *kitten* off yesterday but the soreness isn't too bad so I must be getting stronger. Sweet!". Then another 12 hours passes and you're like "Would it kill me if I took 10 Advil? Who cares, as long as the pain goes away..."