What do YOU think is your best physical feature?



  • Slacker16
    Slacker16 Posts: 1,185 Member
    I'm rather fond of my shoulders.
    My hair is also nice when it's long-ish but not too long.
  • lookin4gains
    lookin4gains Posts: 1,762 Member
    Bone structure
  • I think my legs, or my eyes.
  • I guess my smile.
  • MrsPaulSmith
    MrsPaulSmith Posts: 401 Member
    mmm... it might be a bit weird, but I never actually wear make-up. I've always reacted pretty badly to it and I never really learned to use make-up in a way that was right for me, anyway, so I usually just left it.
    These days I'm really happy that I never put anything on, because thanks to that my face just looks natural and clean and happy.
    Also I like my eyes, just because they sometimes look like they're dark blue and if I get a compliment on looks it's usually thanks to them :D

    Not weird at all. I don't wear any makeup either. Probably never will.
  • usmc01462
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  • moya_rargh
    moya_rargh Posts: 1,473 Member
    My back...I think!
  • JenniCali1000
    JenniCali1000 Posts: 646 Member
    My gorgeous brain ;)
  • _Lovely77_
    _Lovely77_ Posts: 993 Member
    I suppose my eyes, because I can make them look decent with makeup
  • ccmzone2013
    ccmzone2013 Posts: 177 Member
    Haven't figured this out yet . . .
  • sisterlilbunny
    sisterlilbunny Posts: 691 Member
    From other people, my hair and my eyes. From my husband, my waist curve and this cool muscle in my back (finally from my perspective). From my perspective, my new found body acceptance from yoga. My flexiblity at this age is freeken awesome!!! :D It brings a HUGE perk to my days when I'm feeling old and ugly.
  • Eyoung8
    Eyoung8 Posts: 107 Member
    Smile...oh and booty!
  • mjbowman821
    mjbowman821 Posts: 66 Member
    I just started working out 3 weeks ago and I really like my monster calves. They are 17 inches Yes they're real and they're FABULOUS.
  • eelamme
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  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 439 Member
    I like my stomach as it is flat but (more importantly) insanely strong IMO

    My lips (enough said)

    My strong legs that help me to do heavy squats and run for miles easily

    My shoulder muscles which are coming in slowly and I've worked for them!
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    Arms because they are cut and have lots of veins. They are only 11in but I don't care. Abs are a close second. Also love my beard.
  • mockchoc
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  • QueenE_
    QueenE_ Posts: 522 Member
    Can it be something I've added? I love my tattoos. My finger tats still make me giddy when I look at them. And? Lol..
  • the contents of my lexicon
  • creativerick
    creativerick Posts: 270 Member
    My large well developed chest.

    Some girls love my arms. Some love my butt.