Looking for friends I can support and encourage!!!

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A little about me, I am 26 and have been heavy all my life, i was never obese or excessively heavy till i went to college. In my second year of college i gained 100 lbs. I ate too much bad food. slept too little and stressed way too much. So, 3 years after graduating, here I am making my best and honest attempt and changing my life for good.

In the last 5 months I have gone from 290+ to 250lbs. I say 290+ because i can recall the day i saw that number....then depressingly binge ate for a few months thinking lossing any weight at all was hopeless; snapped out of it and started an exercise and healthy eating process. I realize that I have a LOOOOOONG ways yet to go. The feeling inside though, from just this first 40lbs loss is amazing! I am different person inside and out. My drive and passion each and everyday that i get out of bed has increases 10 fold at least!

My weight loss has plateaued this last month, I found MFP and am hoping this will help put me back on track, specially with the encouragement and support I have heard so much about here. I recently found an old picture of myself (now located in my pictures) and finally realized what a success these 40lbs truly have been!

I hope to find some like-minded friends here and would love any encouraging or constructive advice!


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    Amber, great job on your weight loss so far! I need to drop 20lbs that I've added in the last year. That's at least my starting point. After that, I really should drop 20-30 more, to be in really optimal shape. But, I'll be happy to get 20lbs off, at this point.

    I'm trying to get back to the gym starting tomorrow. I'm struggling with motivation for both food and exercise. I had a health scare in the last month and it set me back, physically and emotionally. Not to make an excuse, but, that's the reality.

    I just joined a group challenge on here. Maybe that would help you, too? :) Nice to meet you!!!
  • Hello, We are the right road by tracking our food intake. I'm 39 years old and in the past year I have gained an extra 45 pounds, due to stress, eating chocolate & fracturing my ribs. My mother & my cousin are all working on becoming healthier! We just went shopping today & bought fruits & vegetables and other misc things to start this new way of eating. My cousin is 190 and trying to get down to 140 or so.. (she is a mom of two!) Anyways, I'm here to help & get your butt motivated!!! I know I need the help!! My biggest downfall is that I LOVE LOVE CHEESE & Hazelnut coffee creamer & chocolate...ugh, but it can be done! I have a gym membership, but in 2 months I've only went 4 times, but as of this week I'm looking to go atleast 3 times, i've learned that starting out slow, say on a treadmil, walking about 2 mph & watching your heartrate (if you can), helps kick start your fat burning/metabolism. I just can't jump on a treadmill & run....I wont be able to breath :p...Let me know how I can help! Steph
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    Elyse, I'm also shooting for a M-W-F workout at the gym. I have purchased the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred and hoping I can work that in maybe 2 times this week as well.

    I've also been eating a lot of salads, to try to improve my intake of fresh veggies in particular. I'm doing a lot of cabbage in my salads, nuts to get the healthy fats and nutrients, etc. I also got yogurt, healthy granola and berries to do yogurt parfaits for breakfasts. My hubby is out of town for 2 more weeks. Really want to lose 5-8 lbs before he gets back, so I look better in jeans! :)
  • We've all been there Hun! :drinker: but don't worry, we all get past it. Just send you a friend request, anyone else feel free to add me :happy:
  • I'd love to add you all and see you all succeed! I'm from Perth, Western Australia, and although I'm far from my highest weight, it creeps back up pretty easily. I'm looking to finally reach the weight where I'm comfortable, but I'm also learning how to read my body outside of what that scale says! I wanna be slimmer, but I mostly want to be able to run further and swim faster, and in order to do that I need to keep my health in check too!

    It's so encouraging and inspiring to see so many beautiful women on here lifting each other up! :D
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    Congratulations!!! Keep up the amazing work and spread the motivation!
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    Congrats on the weight loss! It is truly a journey.

    I've been taking the slow and steady route and have been at it for a while. :-)
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    Every morning my work send out a motivational email, and last week it read "Every expert was once a beginner" and I think about it every time i go to the gym, or find a particular exercise a struggle. while reading everyone's comments here I find myself thinking that someone's 20lb goal is no less important or difficult than someones 100lb goal. We are all going through the same mental and emotional handicaps that whisper in our ears 'we can slip the gym today', 'its just one soda' 'your at a birthday party, you HAVE to eat the cake'. we all have our individual strengths as well, which is why we can learn so much from each other!
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    Congrats on your success and working towards your goals! I would personally love some advice and motivational support. When I first started Myfitness pal, I lost about 35 pounds (which I put on during my undergraduate career). Since then, I've plateaued and haven't found the motivation to stick to a strict diet/exercise regiment. I use excuses, such as my busy schedule. But truly, I am busy, I attend graduate school full time, I have a 16 hour/week internship, and two jobs.
    But ideally, I would like to lose another 50 pounds or so! If you have any advice or inspiration you can send this way that would be great!
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    I am a binge eater looking for some friends. Feel free to add me if you're still looking for a friends.
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    great job on your sucesses...and good luck as you continue to march forward..and this goes for everyone...

    anyone feel free to add..happy to have new friends
  • Congrats all...Today was a downfall...DetroitTigers opening day is HUGE her in Michigan...I gave into a hot dog, cracker jacks & bbq chips...I told myself oh yeah, need protein (eat hot dog) oh yeah, i want the surprise from the cracker jacks (nope ate them all), oh yeah..hmm well, had the hot dog & cracker jacks, why not chips...How our mind can defeat us...That was at 3 this afternoon. Even though I "thought" I would be full, nope, I've been hungry ever since. I snacked on raspberries & strawberries tonight at my 2nd job & darn it...still craving food...Good side of things, the opener is only once a year ;) As of this morning I had lost 7 pds in 3weeks, pretty much cutting all breads, cheese & candy. Like you said, Amber, we need to let go of the "excuses" like the game..I wasn't even there :p ??????????????????// How do add you guys as friends? Or is this just the way we connect? Tomorrows moto "WE ARE WORTH ALL OUR EFFORT, WE ARE UNIQUE, WE CAN DO THIS" :wink: :bigsmile:
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    Started on this site weighing 15st (210lb) and bursting out of my size 18 trousers....mmm, time for a change methinks!
    Enjoying losing weight and can now fit into size 16's. See, sometimes its great to be a loser! ;)
    You can all add me, I'm looking for people who log and comment daily, preferably those that I can view their diaries - yes I am nosy!
  • Hi ..

    Great Job on the weight loss ... Keep going ~ ..:flowerforyou:
    My name is Blaze and I am from India ... I have been struggling with weight for as long as I remember .. worst part being losing all of it and gaining double back :embarassed:
    I started on my journey of weight loss today and am looking for some motivation along my journey :happy:

    Nice to meet y'aLL :drinker: