Again I return to begin again...

Derf_Smeggle Posts: 611 Member
After a 3 month hiatus from calorie tracking and falling off the wagon with eating healthier, I'm recommitting myself. Gained back 10 lbs over that 3 months, which really got my attention last week when I stepped on a scale.

This week is simply getting back in sync with tracking my calories. Takes a little bit of adjustment to putting that back into the routine. Also, working at eliminating the soda out of my diet because I just cannot keep my consumption reasonable and that becomes a whole lot of calories.

So yeah. That's what I've got right now.


  • mschicagocubs
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    Well good luck! It is hard working getting started again, but once you get it going again it is easy :)
  • jbella99
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    Welcome back!!!
  • retiree2006
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    I did the same, beginning to snack more and overdoing...thus a 10 lb. gain here, too. The hardest part was to stop eating without thinking after dinner so I'm concentrating on eating dinner and maybe have some fruit later, and that's it! Dropped 3 of the 10 in about 1 week and the evenings are getting easier. The main thing is to catch it before it becomes a 20 lb. gain. Been there, done more!
  • Elizabeth_Darcy
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    Welcome back!

    I'm starting again as well, about 2 weeks in. My eating habits are okay, but I suck at logging....

    I got a new toy (FitBit) that's helping me this time. I feel more accountable with a constant reminder. :)
  • TeresaGoal145lbs
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    Good Luck!! I'm in a similar situation. Lost 20 lbs two years ago, and then have gained back apx. 15 lbs. I'm back on track too!!
  • Derf_Smeggle
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    Thank you for the responses, all. :wink: