Logging Leslie Sansome workouts

For those of you on here using or who have used the Leslie Sansome Walk It Off videos, how do you log them in the exercise log? Starting to use them now and I am not sure how to enter them correctly.


  • bestmeicanbe84
    bestmeicanbe84 Posts: 58 Member
    I just log it as Aerobics-Low impact or General. You could also add it to your personal exercises.
  • katiemegcz
    katiemegcz Posts: 49 Member
    I have used this calculator, which breaks walks down by speed, and incorporates your weight. It is not perfect, but much more accurate than other methods.

  • MJ1975CA
    MJ1975CA Posts: 31
    I log it as aerobics-general if I am putting max effort into the workout and using 1-3 pound weights or another booster. I have found this to be very close to what my heart rate monitor says when I use one. If I am not using weights, and I am not putting as much effort into the workout I Iog it as aerobics-low impact.
  • arheasn
    arheasn Posts: 26 Member
    Thank you all for your swift answers. I just did the evening mile and while I really didn't break a sweat as I would with an outdoor walk, I can feel that my heart rate is up and my legs feel like they have had a decent workout. My dad told me he would give me the 2 mile tapes after I got tired of the 4 one mile tapes. At least I have a place to start.
  • I bought her box set at Wal-Mart which has the 30 day fitness dvds, 2 Mile, 4 Mile, and 5 Mile routines for like $20 I think. Anyway, at first, I wasn't impressed with the workouts, but I've noticed now I am putting in more effort in each movement and getting better results such as sweating and soreness. For example, on her kicks, I'm aiming to kick at a 90 degree angle instead of close to the ground and I'm squatting while doing the tap outs oh and this one really helps: I'm jumping on the skaters. These workouts are great for me now that I've gotten the idea of how to use them best for me.

    Everyone is different so just moving constantly for 30 minutes is a huge step in the right direction. Hope you enjoy the videos!