How much weight have you lost?

Just curious on what people have lost in what time frame?
So, how much weight have you lost so far and how long has it taken you?


  • Magda_Castle
    Magda_Castle Posts: 53 Member
    60 pounds in 3 months :)
  • pimsbim
    pimsbim Posts: 18
    60 pounds in 3 months :)

    Wow thats huge! Great job!
    It has taken me 5 months to lose 20lbs
  • Firehawk734
    Firehawk734 Posts: 132 Member
    I started at 342 and am currently at 215.

    So, currently I'm down 127 lbs. :)

    I lose it in spurts. I started in 2005 or so, and in a year lost down to about 270. Then started training with powerlifters and gained 40lbs back, but also got super strong. Didn't want to be 300+ so I started cutting again. Got down to 230, then gained 25lbs back despite trying (my metabolism must have shut down). Took a year or two to figure out 15000 calorie cheat days once a week were no longer helping me lol. Stopped those and began losing again. Got down to 201.2 before my metabolism shut off again. Christmas cookies happened and I lost my focus so I took 3 weeks off from dieting, but was consistent in eating healthy.

    So, now I'm at 215 and losing again. This all happened over the past 9 yrs now or so. It's very hard to go straight down. It's hard, period. But, you have to make it a way of life. Otherwise you just end up gaining everything back you lost. I will never go back. 10-20lb setbacks are expected, but forget 50-100lb setbacks. No way.. Too hard.
  • I lost 4st 3lbs in about 2 years :)
  • Quieau
    Quieau Posts: 428 Member
    87 lbs in 8 months ... ! (celebrating a 3-lb loss this weekend!)

    ways to go, but very happy ...
  • I've got rid of 22lbs in 3 months. Started at 182lbs and now 160lbs :)
  • grandmothercharlie
    grandmothercharlie Posts: 1,364 Member
    I've lost 31 lbs. since mid-January. I broke the 200 lb. mark today. Weighed 199. 1200 calories seldom dip into exercise calories! Minimum of 50 minutes of cardio, some light weights, 6 days a week. Most days easily over 10,000 normal steps.
  • luckydays27
    luckydays27 Posts: 552 Member
    74 lbs. Its taken about 2 years but the first year was more wasting time and yo-yoing than this past year. I'd say I got serious about weight loss around a year ago and since then I have lost over 50 lbs.
  • zoeysasha37
    zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,089 Member
    I started at 202
    Currently weigh 135

    My goal is 14% body fat, but will be happy with 16%.
  • 36 pounds in three months...woo-hoo!
  • WaterBunnie
    WaterBunnie Posts: 1,372 Member
    105 in 2 years
  • Shauna2626
    Shauna2626 Posts: 196 Member
    About 40 lbs, in a year (early 2011 to 2012)
  • Firehawk734
    Firehawk734 Posts: 132 Member
    Fantastic everybody. WOW. Inspire others around you. You all look great.
  • guardianwill
    guardianwill Posts: 54 Member
    126 pounds in 6 months....
  • JamieDD
    JamieDD Posts: 175 Member
    My 15 lbs in 3 months, seems so little now after reading the other posts. :frown:
  • bumblebeez86
    bumblebeez86 Posts: 208 Member
    15lbs since Jan 1st (so just over 3 months) :smile:
  • Broderick50
    Broderick50 Posts: 851 Member
    75 pounds 9 months had it up to 100 in 8 but march was a bad month
  • mamadon
    mamadon Posts: 1,422 Member
    My 15 lbs in 3 months, seems so little now after reading the other posts. :frown:

    Don't compare yourself to others. Be proud of what you have accomplished! Everyone has different amounts to lose in different time frames, and any weight loss is a success.
  • tworthen79
    tworthen79 Posts: 1,173 Member
    I started at 230 on April 15th 2013, as of today I weigh 175.8. Total loss is 54lbs in almost a year!
  • nessa2BFit
    nessa2BFit Posts: 155 Member
    started jan 15 2013 and as of now i am down 95 lbs... i still have 35 i want to lose but this is a lifestyle change so will take it as it happens
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