my feet are sore & swollen

So, yeah.

I switched from my furry winter clogs to the only pair of sandals I own, they're several years old.

But now I need shoes that will pass off as business shoes but super comfy with thick soles.

No heels!

Any advice.


  • roxielu0422
    roxielu0422 Posts: 102 Member
    I actually found that the Dex Flex and Comfort lines from Payless are really comfy and durable. I'm hard on shoes, and the flats they have are really cute.

    Also check out Sears line of I Love Comfort.
  • Fullsterkur_woman
    Fullsterkur_woman Posts: 2,712 Member
    I bought a pair of Rockport oxfords about 16 years ago and whereas I don't wear them frequently, they also have held up extremely well.

    However, they are not inexpensive, so they're probably out of your price range. I wanted to add them to the list for the sake of other readers.

    What about They're not cheap either, but they are less expensive than Rockports.
  • CJ_Holmes
    CJ_Holmes Posts: 759 Member
    I have been wearing Bass Ely oxfords. They are not inexpensive, BUT since it's the end of winter, a lot of them are on very good sales! They are super comfy, and come in fun colors. Check Amazon...
  • AsaThorsWoman
    AsaThorsWoman Posts: 2,303 Member
    Well, I wasn't exactly prepared for emergency shoe shopping, but since my feet are swollen and my legs are sore, I guess new work shoes is becoming a need, not a want.

    I want work sandals, like open toed.
  • laydeneko
    laydeneko Posts: 54 Member
    For sandals, I recommend Rocket Dogs. They have an assortment of cute styles, and I wear mine to work all summer. I have found that the thinner soles are more comfortable to me, but they do have different thickness levels you can try.

    I do want to also second the Dr. Scholls. I have a pair of their tennis shoes I got on sale, and I LOVE them.

    Good Luck!