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scrambled eggs with curry thumbs for u lol

omgtry Posts: 114
2 tbsp of butter
1/2 teas of curry powder
3 two 6 eggs your choice slightly beaten depends how many eating
3 tbsp of half n half
chopped green onions here we go
melt butter in 12 inch skillet over med heat pour curry in pan to cook stirring every so often about a min keep eye on it so i wont burn now stir in eggs n half n half season at this time with salt n pepper is u like stirring about 2mins till eggs are done now sprinkle green onions on top sit down n eat .......enjoy.....jim 160 cal


  • andylowry
    andylowry Posts: 89
    Add jalapenos and I'm in.
  • vivaldirules
    vivaldirules Posts: 169 Member
    That sounds like a great idea so I had to try it this morning but, of course, I had to scramble it up a little (sorry for the pun).

    1 tbsp butter
    Diced white onion (I didn't have green)
    Cook a bit over medium heat.
    Add diced mushrooms and diced green pepper.
    Cook just a little more.
    Add a big splash of curry powder.
    Stir and cook a little more.
    Add diced tomatoes.
    Cook just a tiny bit more.
    Mess up 3 eggs with a little salt and 2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt.
    Toss that in, turn the heat down, and cook until the eggs are nice and fluffy.

    It was yum! Thanks!
  • motivatedmartha
    motivatedmartha Posts: 1,108 Member
    bump - going to try this - like the idea of adding yoghurt